How to install Windows on a hard disk?

How to install Windows on a  hard disk?

By dayannastefanny

It is most often used to drive the effective system sharply installed in the departmental computer sharpened elliptical. Not surprisingly, it becomes one of the most practical options, mainly due to the firmness and better performance of the system. However, with the enthronement of SSD drives, which offer vastly faster hobby and transfer speed rates, more and more users are venturing into the hope of driving off an efficient system on another sharpened drive, whether departmental or equally foreign.

However, the valuation to progress depending on whether we want to install the efficient system on a departmental or a foreign slave is faintly different. This is because Windows does not offer the hope of being installed on a foreign hard disk, for which it is necessary to lean for some tools, as for topic is the WinToUSB risk.

How to install Windows on a new internal hard disk?

Remember that before starting the process it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the basic system requirements since it is something important that helps us to know if the system in question is suitable for our device.

The latest versions of Windows usually require 1 GB of RAM, 15 to 20 GB of free hard disk space, and a powerful or less powerful processor. Of course, if you cannot install Windows 10, you can select older versions, such as Windows XP.

Backing up data

Creating a backup is necessary, especially if we move to another device or create a backup image of the system so that the system can be saved to a new hard drive. This means making a copy of all your programs, documents, files, and everything related to downloaded content so that you can then transfer them to a new hard drive.

Installing the new operating system

If we want to install an operating system on a new hard drive, we will not normally start with a partition that involves splitting a hard drive in two (equal partitions or not) to install this new OS in the newly created section. This option is useful, for example, if on a Mac we want to install Windows in one of these sections without the need of any special emulator like Parallels.

Now we need to boot the system from the installation disk.

To do this, we must first change the BIOS settings. To do this we press F2, F10, F12, Del or Delete (depending on the settings), and with the BIOS settings themselves we change the list of important boot values, putting the drive at the top of the list. Apply all changes and exit the configuration screen, enter the original product key, select the type of installation and proceed to format the sections. Now we just wait for the installation to complete, select the internal part of the hard drive we prepared earlier.

How to install Windows on a new external hard drive?

The process to follow when installing Windows on an external hard drive is quite different, since this operating system “cannot” be installed on an external hard drive. An alternative solution is to opt for WinToUSB.

Downloading WinToUSB

WinToUSB has the same function as Windows to Go, a tool created by Microsoft for business use only, so it does not work with most home versions. However, this application is designed to be used on USB flash drives, although it will also work perfectly well for other external drives, such as an external hard drive.

Preparing the Windows installation image

If you already have an installation disc (usually a DVD), a Windows installation USB stick or an image file, then you should skip this step. Otherwise, we must proceed to download an ISO image file of the Windows installer, directly from Microsoft, which will depend on the version we want to install.

Proceeding to configure WinToUSB

We open the application and, once inside, we will observe a series of icons located on the left side of the screen. These are the options that allow us to choose the media from which we want to install Windows, whether it is a DVD, an image file, or even a clone of the current installation of the system. We simply must choose the most appropriate option.

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