How to link YouTube channel to Facebook and Instagram

How to link YouTube channel to Facebook and Instagram

By ypaolavc

One of the biggest phenomena on the internet are the famous social networks, websites that serve as a means of communication between people and where you can share information, interests, photos, videos and, best of all, maintain interaction with your family, friends and followers.

Now, within the social networks that have positioned themselves in the lives of many, we find YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, being these platforms ideal to make yourself or your products known, in case you are an entrepreneur; however, you may have wondered about how to link the YouTube channel to Facebook and Instagram, if you want to perform this action and have not yet been able to, don’t worry because today we will see the steps to do so.

Reasons to link social media

Connecting these social networks brings with it several advantages, YouTube being a powerful platform to launch and sell products, is a great option but you need to gather a lot of access to get anything done; however, on Facebook and Instagram, videos are the perfect format these days, a perfect match.

On the other hand, by linking these social networks you will attract more users to search for other videos and watch more of your content.

Link YouTube channel to Facebook

Linking your YouTube channel to Facebook is very simple, for first thing you need to do is look under the Facebook to YouTube Tab, then click on Use application, then select the page and allow the installation on your page, then click on Add page tab, finally, fill in the requested information and then click on Save settings. That’s it, you now have your YouTube tab on your Facebook so you can create that one-click interaction between all your networks to facilitate your audience.

Link YouTube channel to Instagram

Now, in the case of achieving interaction between YouTube and Instagram, it is not as simple as with Facebook, as you cannot directly upload a video between these platforms; however, we are going to see a solution to this impasse.

The first thing you must do is download the YouTube video from your device, then edit it to meet Instagram’s requirements (remember that videos on this platform are limited to 60 seconds for posts) and finally, once you have done this, you can upload your YouTube video.

Once you have done this, you can proceed to upload your video to Instagram, to do this log into the app and select Gallery on the right hand side and find the video file you want to post to your Instagram account; there you can choose filters or crop the video and then click Next, then add a description and tags. That’s it! You should now have your post.

As you can see, linking your social networks is easy to do and if you think about content marketing, doing so is an opportunity to spread the word about what you have in mind, so take advantage of it and integrate them, go ahead!.

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