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Whether you like it or not, Facebook is a tool that marketers use. If you are a beginner blogger or you want to be a professional marketer, you will need to learn how to use this tool. Just like any other social platform, Facebook is evolving and new features are being removed or added almost every month.

If you want to be successful with the marketing of your product, you will have to become an active user of Facebook. There are also a couple of psychological tricks that will make it easier to reach your audience and create a viral post.

If you have common sense and know how the Facebook platform works, it will be easy for you to create engaging posts that attract followers. The big difference between posting in your private profile and for a business comes from the fact that your profile already has followers � your friends, while with a public business account your intention is to get more followers.



If you are posting just to fill your page with content, you should change your marketing strategy. We live in a world that is constantly providing new information every minute and people are not interested in outdated and boring information. Make your posts interesting to read or don�t post at all.



It is important to know when to post on Facebook. There are different studies on this subject, but statistic shows that Thursdays and Fridays between 1pm and 3pm is the best time to post. Considering that some organization does not block Facebook on their work networks, it is understandable why this is the time most users spent on the social network. This is the end of the working week and people are looking for a way to connect with friends and make plans for the weekend.

Interestingly enough, Saturday and Sunday are not considered to be the best days for posting or promoting a post. Usually, those are the days that have people engage in outdoor activities and the engagement rate with social media drops slightly over the weekend.



Hashtags have a long history and date back to 1988 when they were used to tag groups and topics in the IRC. Years later, Twitter made the hashtag symbol popular when it introduced it in 2007. The hashtag is a way for users to find posts on topics that they like and are interested in. Hashtags on Facebook work and using the right ones will increase your chances of getting more likes.



Everyone knows that Twitter is for posting text messages and Instagram is for posting photos. Facebook is a combination of the two and it allows marketers to take full advantage of posts containing the right amount of text and photos.

A good thing to note is that it is not advisable to create images with text that takes more than 20% of space. The images should carry positive energy and should make the user want to click on the link provided in the post. Images with people in them or images with animals are more engaging than nature or objects.



When creating a post on Facebook, don�t make it too long. Users have a short attention span and will lose interest in anything that is more than 250 characters in length. Just because you are making the post short, you have to make sure it is as precise as possible. You will have to present your message to your audience in such a way that they will be interested in the post and would like to find out more on the subject by clicking on the link provided.



If you have already posted your message, don�t just walk away from the site. Facebook is a social platform that encourages users to interact. If you receive any comments, positive or negative, make sure that you answer them. This is especially true for negative comments or feedback on your product. Instead of getting more likes, you might be putting off people.

Be mindful of your posts and make sure you answer any concerns your followers have.



People like to know that they will only receive news from you when the news is worthy. Nobody likes being bombarded with posts and photos when there is nothing constructive stated. The same is true for funny posts, memes, and videos. If you think something is funny but is not related to your content, you might want to consider posting it on your private account on Facebook.

Every time a user likes your page, they will start receiving notifications from you. If you post too often, they may get overwhelmed and take that like back. They may also leave the like, but change the settings of the notifications they receive from you which is confronts the point of having those likes.

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