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How to make gifs on Telegram

How to make gifs on Telegram

September 9, 2021 0 By IsraeliPanda

GIF liveliness has as of now ascended to a similar level as emoticons in online correspondence. Pictures with development have turned into a method for self-articulation. Regardless of its fame in the course of the last not many, the configuration is exceptionally old. In this article, we will disclose to you how to transform any video into a GIFku.


Graphics Interchange Format, additionally an arrangement for sharing pictures. This sort of picture can store compacted information without loss of value, however not in excess of 256 shadings. The organization was created in 1987. It is significant that the normal way to express “gif” or “GIF” isn’t right, since the makers called it “jif”. Instructions to change video to

GIF utilizing Telegram?

Did you realize that you can make and send your own GIFs on Telegram?

I expect to be that in the event that you know, you have not attempted, in light of the fact that you believe that it is horrendously troublesome and without a doubt, you need to introduce Photoshop, Winamp, Aksel, Google something there and eventually “that well it”🙂

I additionally had this thought, I won’t stow away: ) But to make your own GIF in Telegram was exceptionally simple and quick!


  • you can make a gif of your name just from your telephone (we don’t consider different outsider administrations and bots, for example, that can be opened on a PC)
  • gifs are made continuously, straightforwardly from the talk exchange box with the recipient

How to make a gif in Telegram?

Thus, the moment went!)

Priority rule:

1. Open Telegram and talk with a contact to whom we will send a GIF.

2. Snap on the paper cut close to the information field and select “Video”

3. In the opened camera window, press the video recording button and shoot your feeling or simply any development or anything whatsoever!

Proposal: make the video short, only for a few seconds, so as not to stand by unbearably long until it loads-sends-will be gotten.

After you quit recording the video, you will have the chance to see it (by tapping on the actual video) and 2 alternatives: click “rehash” – and afterward you can re-record your GIF or snap “Alright” – and afterward you will continue to the last advance prior to sending

4. In the last window, you should wind down the video sound by tapping on the receiver symbol. This is vital! In this way, you will circle your video and get your own GIF with your investment 🙂

Additionally, you will have the chance to add a mark or put planning to erase this video subsequent to survey by the recipient (all things considered, there are not many feelings!))

Also, two or three remarks toward the end:

presently your GIF will be shown on your “GIF” tab, you can save it to your telephone or send it to anybody, particularly in case it is your good trademark feeling 🙂

in any event, going to Telegram from your PC you would now be able to send it to companions since it has not gone anyplace and is in the “Gifs” area