How to name a group of friends on WhatsApp

How to name a group of friends on WhatsApp

By ariannaflamini

WhatsApp is an American instant messaging app created in 2009 by WhatsApp Inc. It was designed for mobile devices, but it was also developed a version for desktop computers and WhatsApp Web, for which you need to connect your mobile number.

On WhatsApp users can exchange messages, photos, videos and files of various types, both in private chats between two people and in groups. You can also share information such as location, documents and contact info. In addition, since 2017 WhatsApp Inc. has released a commercial platform that allows companies to provide customer service to users on a large scale.

How to name a group of friends on WhatsApp

Surely this guide will be useful if you are going to create or you have recently created a group on WhatsApp with friends and you are looking for a nice name to give it that it can like. But first, remember a few small details. On WhatsApp it is allowed to create a group with a maximum of 100 contacts and the calls with multiple people are not allowed.

Group chats are meant for interactive and fast communication to exchange messages and more; what is written or shared is read by each member. A tip: if you receives numerous messages from a whatsapp group and you don’t want to receive notifications, you can easily put the group in silent mode.

It’s better to choose a name that everyone shares when you create a group chat with friends. You do not always agree, so we recommend choosing several and then opt for one. Below you will find a list of funny names that you can propose to your friends for your group chat:

  • That crazy group, Master Minds, The Musketeers, The Queens Bees, The TextMasters, The Princesses without a Prince, The Walkie Talkies, Friends a Guarantee, The Band, Rock’n Roll, Friends of a lifetime, The Invincibles, The Herd, A Fabulous group, The Group of Singles, Life for Friends, The Fantastic 4, The Folks, Gossip group, House of Hunters, Friends, The Desert Roses, The Usual Discussions, Buddies, The Drifters, We talk a lot, The Inseparable Ones, Friendship, Group Almighty.
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