How to Preview Voice Notes on Whatsapp

How to Preview Voice Notes on Whatsapp

By IsraeliPanda

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WhatsApp has been on an element expansion binge for some time now. Among the as of late presented highlights on the famous texting stage are the capacity to move messages from iPhones to Pixels, the choice to send vanishing messages, and supporting crypto-fueled portable instalments – – and it appears to be it’s not done at this point.

WhatsApp’s true Twitter account as of late tweeted about the expansion of another element that a large number of clients have been requesting for quite a while. Indeed, WhatsApp, at last, allows you to review voice messages prior to sending them. This is the way you can utilize the new review included with WhatsApp voice notes to ensure you don’t wind up sending a voice note that you may later lament.

Step by step instructions to see WhatsApp voice notes prior to sending

Before you start, kindly guarantee that you are utilizing the most recent adaptation of WhatsApp Messenger. To do this, you should simply open the Google Play Store, look for WhatsApp, and check to assume you see the choice to Update. If not, you ought to be okay. Since every one of the requirements has been met, we should look at how to approach this.

Stage 1: Open a WhatsApp contact or a gathering talk and search for the Microphone symbol.

Stage 2: Tap the Microphone symbol, hold it, and afterwards swipe up towards the lock symbol above to start without hands recording mode.

Stage 3: Start talking and hit the red Record button to stop the recording.

Stage 4: You can tap the Play symbol to really look at your recording and whenever fulfilled, decide to hit the send button.

Stage 5: If you wish to record once more, tap the Trash Can to erase the recording. Rehash the cycle to start another recording.

How did sending voice messages on WhatsApp work previously?

Presently, for those of you not excessively knowledgeable with how WhatsApp’s voice notes include functioned as of not long ago, here’s a short explainer.

In past variants of WhatsApp, you needed to long-press the receiver button close to the text box to start a voice note. The second you lifted your finger from the mic symbol, the message would be naturally sent.

While this was a fast approach to sending voice messages, not every person was open to utilizing this is on the grounds that it offered no choice to check how fortunate or unfortunate they sounded or even let them check for botches before the voice note went through.

To fix this issue, WhatsApp in the long run gave clients the choice to swipe and drop a recording (while the message is as yet being recorded, mind you) in the event that they were not excessively content with what they said. Be that as it may, this was as yet not on par with really hearing a message prior to sending.

Furthermore, this is actually the thing WhatsApp has fixed with the new update. The new component is currently accessible for both Android and iOS renditions of WhatsApp and is presently live for clients across the world.

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