How to search for a word on a website from the phone

How to search for a word on a website from the phone

By ariannaflamini

Among the many features that our smartphones have, did you know that it’s possible to search for a word on a site with your phone? This option can be implemented easily and the process is similar in all the various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Samsung browsers. We have written this guide to explain step by step how to use this function with your phone.

Let’s start with Google Chrome. If you want to search for a certain word on a site from your phone and want to use Chrome, the first thing to do is go to the web page where you want to search. Tap the button with the three vertical dots at the top right. A context menu will open from which you need to select Find on page. After that, enter the word in the search bar that you see at the top. You can move between occurrences by clicking on the arrows on the right and finally the search bar can be closed by clicking on the X symbol.

Let’s move on to Firefox. If you click on the icon with the three vertical dots located at the bottom right, a menu will open from which you can select the item Find on page. Once the search field appears at the bottom, you can enter the word to search within the site. Here too you can move between occurrences through the arrows, while to close the bar just tap on the symbol of the X.

Finally, we can conclude with the case of a Samsung browser. Go to the site you want and at the bottom right you will find vertical hyphens instead of the three dots. Clicking on them opens a screen where you can read the item Find on page: selecting it appears at the top the search bar. Here you can write the word or phrase that interests you and that’s it.

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