How to see Instagram notifications on iPhone

How to see Instagram notifications on iPhone

By ariannaflamini

For many people Instagram has become part of everyday life. It’s now a very popular social, which allows users to post photos and videos via posts or stories. In addition, it provides the functionality to apply filters to photos and videos. It’s an app available for both Android and iOS/iPadOS devices.

Since its inception, Instagram has focused so much on notifications to keep its users glued to social. In fact, the topic we want to face is about Instagram notifications on iPhone.

If you can’t see Instagram notifications on iPhone and you want to activate them, this guide is for you! Sometimes iPhone or the Instagram app does not notify us of notifications that arrive on the social in question. Maybe it could be the fact that you didn’t activate them when you downloaded the app.

There may be various problems related to this topic, but we have the solutions! Let’s find out how to see Instagram notifications on iPhone.

Check notifications settings in the Instagram app

If you want to see Instagram notifications on iPhone, open the app. Go to Settings and then click Notifications. In this screen you can check if they have been paused and you can also choose which notifications to receive.

Control app notifications from the operating system

iPhone allows you to change the options related to app notifications, from system settings. Go to Settings and then to Notifications; from here look for the Instagram item. By clicking on it you can manage and activate the notifications of this social, to see them on iPhone.

Restart iPhone

If you want to see Instagram notifications but for some reason you don’t get them, a suggestion might be to restart iPhone. It can happen that some background service crashes and blocks notifications from other apps. In that case, the fastest thing to do is restart iPhone.

Logout of Instagram

By logging out of your Instagram account, you can fix notifications that don’t arrive on iPhone. If the problem is in your profile or app, logging out and rejoining can fix it and show notifications on your phone.

Update Instagram

Occasionally it happens that the Instagram app has a bug that prevents you from receiving and seeing notifications. For this, it is recommended to go on the App Store and, if possible, update the app to the new version.

Deactivate the mode ‘Do Not Disturb’

On your iPhone there is the Do Not Disturb mode. It can be activated to keep your smartphone silent. This mode eliminates the sound from all app notifications, including Instagram. Then check and, if so, turn off Do Not Disturb from iPhone Settings.

Turn off ‘Low Power Mode’

iPhone’s Low Power Mode can sometimes block or slow down app notifications. In this case, to solve the problem, we advise you to disable it. Go to Settings and then Battery; here you will find the item Low Power Mode (put it on OFF).

Enable Update apps in the background

Finally, there is another case where Instagram notifications may not appear on iPhone. Make sure you have the Background App Update feature turned on, otherwise the apps in the background may not update. You can find it by going to Settings > General > Update apps in the background.

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