How to share a specific part of a YouTube video

How to share a specific part of a YouTube video

By IsraeliPanda

While we watch a YouTube video there’s in every case some particular part in the video that gets our eyes and draws us to impart it to our companions. Perhaps it’s your #1 cricketer hitting a huge Home Run. Or on the other hand perhaps it’s a gamer that made 10 progressive headshot kills in 5 seconds or less. We generally like sharing recordings on account of those particular minutes. Anyway, why not share just those particular minutes, correct?

Thus, today I’ll show you how you can share just unambiguous pieces of a YouTube video without removing them from the genuine video.


Indeed, you can share specific pieces of a YouTube video without really cutting the entire video. What’s more, this can be accomplished utilizing a web application called Vibby. With Vibby, you can feature a particular segment of a video and furthermore give a choice to the beneficiary to see the entire video.

Do you have a few considerations for that specific segment? You can add them while you alter the video. Additionally, clients can remark on your Vib. The last result page has a YouTube-like connection point with sharing choices, remarks and suggestion of other Vibs to watch. Furthermore, awesome of all you can download the Vib.

In this way, we should see you can alter and feature explicit pieces of a YouTube video with Vibby.

How about we Do Some Video Chopping utilizing Vibby

Go to the site and snap on Try now for Free. That doesn’t mean it’s a paid help. I saw no installment obstruction for any element while I utilized it. Nonetheless, it could adapt the assistance in future to the take care of the bills.

Then, you’ll be taken to the make page where you first need to add your YouTube connect.

After you duplicate glue and hit the Start button you’ll be approached to join. In the wake of joining, continue to stage 2. The altering and featuring part. This is the way the point of interaction seems to be.

In this connection point you get the Start feature button, a fast 5-second leap choice, volume control and a choice to switch between HD to SD video quality. Presently, click on Start feature when you get to that ideal second that must be cut.

You ought to get a spring up bubble with a bunch of different choices. Here, you can remark on the featured area, change the beginning/end time and furthermore erase the featured segment. After you’ve done featuring you can review the Vib. Click on Preview Vib. After you are fulfilled, click on Next. You ought to now come to the Save Page area.

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