How to speed up your PC with a USB pen drive

How to speed up your PC with a USB pen drive

By ariannaflamini

If you need to speed up your computer, which has the first signs of slowing down and inefficiency, the USB pen drive will do the job for you. Thanks to it, you can increase performance and give extra memory to your PC. In today’s guide you will find out how to speed up your PC with a USB pen drive.

It often happens that computers have a drop in performance, but you can solve this problem by giving it more power thanks to the systems ReadyBoost, for Windows PC, and Xtra PC, for Windows and Mac.

As for ReadyBoost, it is a risk-free Windows feature. If you want to use it, all you need is a USB pen drive (or an SD card). Basically, it’s like installing additional RAM.

Speaking of Xtra PC instead, it works on both Windows PC and Mac, as well as on laptops and desktop PCs. Compared to a standard USB pen drive, we can tell you that it is capable of overwriting the current operating system, which is slowing down your computer, giving you control over a Linux operating system. Since it works on a USB pen drive, your hard disk is not “modified” and therefore you will have access to all your files. To use Xtra PC, connect the flash drive and reboot the PC.

How to activate ReadyBoost

To make ReadyBoost work, you have to insert a USB pen drive into a USB port of your PC. On your Windows computer, among the options in the Autoplay window, you will notice the entry Increases system speed.

If Autoplay does not appear, you can go to Memory Drives from Computer resources and right click to select and choose Open Autoplay.

Before proceeding with the activation, however, you must delete the contents of the drive because if you want to use ReadyBoost, the pen drive will no longer contain data.

After that by going to the Properties window of ReadyBoost, you can choose the amount of memory to devote to this function (we recommend the maximum). Then, tick Use device and move the cursor to the right. Confirm by clicking Apply.

At this point, the program proceeds with the configuration of the cache. The time of the operation depends on the size of the memory.

Basically, ReadyBoost is a trick for the PC, because it makes it believe that the memory of the USB pen drive is part of the RAM. We remind you that ReadyBoost gives the best when the memory you provide is at least double or triple the installed RAM. So if your PC has 2GB RAM, the available space will have to be 4GB or better than 6GB.

How to install Xtra PC

Xtra PC is simple to use and affordable for everyone. Here are the steps to install and use this USB device:

  • First, turn off the computer and insert the USB pen drive into the appropriate port.
  • Once you have inserted the USB pen drive, you can turn on the PC.
  • After that, on the main screen, you will be shown which key you need to press (usually the F key) to access the boot menu from USB.
  • Finally, after you have selected the boot from USB, Xtra PC will be active and usable.

You will surely notice a higher speed than your standard operating system.

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