How to turn off time to stand notifications on an Apple Watch

How to turn off time to stand notifications on an Apple Watch

By IsraeliPanda

On the off chance that you’re worn out on being told to stand up by your Apple Watch, this is an ideal aide for you. This is the way to handicap those updates.

Apple’s interpretation of the smartwatch is the most incredible in its class, because of a consistent joining with iPhone, a component rich and simple to-utilize OS, and a complex set-up of sensors that give you more noteworthy degrees of wellbeing following than you might actually get with the opposition.

Instructions to set up fall recognition on Apple Watch

That is all okay until you arrive at one of the additional irritating executions: the feared hourly stand update. I know the examination that shows being fixed for an extensive stretch of time (like working) is terrible for your wellbeing, and that the proposal is to represent three minutes consistently, yet please!

Very much like we people needn’t bother with a watch to count the 20 seconds of cleaning up, I needn’t bother with my watch humming me and diverting me from my work to advise me to stand up. Luckily there are two methods for switching these irritating stand warnings off.

Instructions to switch off stand updates straightforwardly on Apple Watch

This is likely the speediest and most straightforward method for switching off your stand updates. Don’t bother taking out your iPhone — this is completely done straightforwardly on the watch.

  • Go to your settings
  • Look down and select Activity
  • Switch off the “Stand Reminders”

Instructions to switch off Apple Watch stand updates on your iPhone

Technique two requires your iPhone. In the event that you’re caught up with making a watch face or tweaking a few settings, or on the other hand assuming you’re perusing this on your telephone the present moment, this will be the speediest way!

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