How to upload a GoPro video to Instagram without losing quality

How to upload a GoPro video to Instagram without losing quality

It is normal to want to record the unique moments of our life, but with technology all this is possible; you have your camera or mobile phone and you can easily take photos or record videos, wherever you are. Now, if you want to share those moments with your friends and followers, you simply do it through social networks, we couldn’t have it so easy, could we?

If you are someone who loves to record every moment and likes to share it, you will be interested in today’s topic, because it is all about how to upload a GoPro video to Instagram without losing quality.

¿What is GoPro?

GoPro is a small camera designed and specialised for taking photos and recording videos in a variety of extreme scenarios, including sports activities, water sports and other kinds of adventures. One of the camera’s outstanding qualities is that it can capture video in high definition and, best of all, in extreme situations.

Now, what’s new with GoPro is that it allows you to upload your photos or videos directly to Instagram, allowing you to preserve the high resolution of your footage.

Upload a GoPro video to Instagram

You can now record or photograph an adventure and immediately upload it to your Instagram account and, best of all, without losing any of its quality, it’s really interesting!.

To achieve it along with your camera and your Instagram account, the first thing you’ll need is the GoPro app, so log in and when you’re there, select the video or photo you want to share in your Instagram Stories. Next, drag your image to frame the ideal crop or select the parts of the video that are most convenient to share and you can even add any creative tools you like. Once you have done this, click on the share button on the social network or, better still, you can also send it to your computer via Instagram Direct. That’s it! you’ve shared with your friends and followers.

With this, in a couple of minutes you can share your ideal moments captured by your GoPro camera on your Instagram account and with the advantage that the GoPro will always offer high quality images and videos, so not only will you have amazing posts on your profile, but they will also be in high resolution.

Undoubtedly, this has been a great move by GoPro to attract future users. If you are interested in acquiring or already have one of these cameras and an Instagram account, don’t hesitate to take advantage of these benefits, finally who doesn’t like to keep those unforgettable moments and make them public.

You already know how it works and as you can see, it’s an easy and practical action, so don’t hesitate and have fun!

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