How to us Telegram Without a Phone Number?

How to us Telegram Without a Phone Number?

By Martina Di Giannantonio

Telegram is the app of instant messaging that opposes WhatsApp. Even if there are billions of people still using the green app of Zuckerberg, many people are starting to use it. In fact, today it reaches more than 100 million users.

How does Telegram Work?

Telegram is an application of instant messaging and, as well as in the competitor app, even here you can exchange photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, video messages, and files of size up to 1.5 GB.

But what distinguishes it from WhatsApp, otherwise they would be the same thing, is the possibility to create secret chats which, thanks to a cryptographic system, can only be read by the recipient. It is also possible to create supergroups that can host up to 100 thousand people.

The structure of Telegram is much leaner, and its standard messages are much less heavy than those of the green app. This means that, when there is a weak signal, Telegram will tend to act better and will send messages even in the most remote and forgotten places.

But what makes it, in some sense, superior to WhatsApp is the capacity to send messages that can self-destruct after a certain period of time, which will be decided autonomously.

Another thing that Telegram has and WhatsApp no is the presence of channels and bots. The first ones are real newsletters in real-time, where access is possible by subscribing. Once enrolled in the channel, the creator of it will send the contents, while you can only read them without any direct interaction. On the other hand, bots are programs of artificial intelligence that can answer your questions.

Using Telegram Without a Phone Number

As well as WhatsApp, Telegram is a free app that works only if it is connected to a telephone number, that has to be inserted at the moment of the account creation. But perhaps not everyone knows that it can be used even without a number, or better, your real number. This can be a very useful thing, especially for those who use a tablet that does not have a SIM card.

So, the passage that has to be bypassed is the moment of the activation of the account, in which a phone number is needed to be connected and associated.

Let’s see how being able to use this service without having to associate it with your real phone number.

First of all, you have to download an app from the Store of your smartphone. This app is called GrooVe IP, and once you have downloaded it, click on the voice Get Started. In this way, you will start to create an account. So, enter an e-mail and a password. Now, you have to choose a prefix among those that the app will give to you as accepted. Usually, they are all US prefixes. At last, choose a virtual number that is available among those proposed by the app.

Once you have done it, download the app of Telegram, again from the Store of your smartphone. At the moment of the creation of the account, instead of entering your real telephone number, you will have to enter the virtual number that you have just chosen and created with GrooVe IP, changing the set prefix with +1-, which is the US prefix, obviously if you come from another country.

Now, you will receive a message with the usual code to enter to verify your identity. Confirmed this one, your Telegram account will be activated, and you can start sending messages and using all the features that this service of instant messaging offers.