How to use overlay pictures in Microsoft Word

How to use overlay pictures in Microsoft Word

By IsraeliPanda

Microsoft Word is loaded with highlights that make it something beyond a word processor. With regards to adding and organizing pictures, there are a lot of choices you can utilize. Word permits you to edit them, add borders, eliminate the foundation, etc. Be that as it may, did you realize you can overlay pictures?

In this article, we’ll tell you the best way to overlay pictures utilizing Word’s implicit devices.

Pick the Right Settings

You can’t simply drag your pictures on top of each other, as this will improve your whole archive. To make it simpler to situate the pictures, you ought to set these choices for every one of them.

Wrap Text Option

Right-click the picture and go to Wrap Text. Any choice, other than In Line with Text , permits you to overlay pictures in a Word report. So go for Square, Tight, Behind Text, or another elective that matches your archive’s style.

Empower the Allow Overlap Option

There is another step before you’ll have the option to drag pictures on top of another. Follow these moves toward empower the Allow cross-over choice:

  • Select the picture.
  • Open the Layout tab.
  • Click Position > More Layout Options.
  • Check the Allow cross-over choice.
  • Click OK to save the new settings.

To cover at least three pictures, obtain the needed outcome may be a piece troublesome. Rather than starting from the very beginning again every time you get some unacceptable picture request, you could utilize these Microsoft Word apparatuses to make your assignment more straightforward.

Select the picture you need to orchestrate and make a beeline for the Layout tab.For instance, select Bring Forward to move the picture on top of another. Assuming you maintain that that picture should be on top, everything being equal, select Bring to Front.

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