How to use Siri on the iPhone 13

How to use Siri on the iPhone 13

By IsraeliPanda

Before you can utilize Siri on iPhone 13, you’ll have to ensure Siri is set up on your iPhone. To set up Siri on iPhone 13, open Settings > Siri and Search.

Switch on Listen for “Hello Siri” to get to Siri with your voice, and flip on Turn on Press Side Button for Siri in the event that you will get to Siri with a button.

In the event that your iPhone is tuning in for voice orders, saying ‘Hello Siri’ will open up Siri and prepared your iPhone for you to pose an inquiry or provide out an order. Try to talk obviously close to your iPhone, yet additionally realize iPhones are customarily perfect at getting voices.

To utilize Siri’s voice control just here and there, place your iPhone face down. Doing this keeps the iPhone from tuning in for the Siri wake state.

On the iPhone 13, initiating Siri with a button rather than voice depends on the iPhone 13’s side button.  Then, at that point, you can pose anything that inquiry you have or provide an order.

In the event that you’re utilizing a more seasoned iPhone running iOS 15, this is a similar cycle, yet on the off chance that your iPhone has a home button, you’ll press and hold the home button to get to Siri.

Assuming that you use EarPods with iPhone 13, press and hold the middle or call buttons to get to Siri. In the event that you use AirPods with iPhone 13, while wearing your AirPods you can likewise say ‘Hello Siri’ to get to Siri.

Contingent upon what AirPods you use with iPhone 13, you might have the option to get to Siri on AirPods with a button. Which button, however, is reliant upon your particular AirPods model. Check Apple’s help page to see Siri works with AirPods.

In the wake of posing Siri an inquiry or providing an order, you can either tap the Listen button or say ‘Hello Siri’ again to provide out another order or pose another inquiry. Tap the Listen button to reword a solicitation or explain part of it, and you can tap your solicitation onscreen to straightforwardly alter the text.

Assuming you would like to type to Siri as opposed to utilizing voice, explore to Settings > Accessibility > Siri, and turn on Type to Siri. When Siri is open, you’ll have a text field you can enter your inquiries or orders straightforwardly into.

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