How to use the Google Translate Formula in Sheets

How to use the Google Translate Formula in Sheets

By IsraeliPanda

Assuming you want to decipher text from one language into another, there is a convenient underlying capability in Google Sheets considered GOOGLETRANSLATE that will do this.

In this instructional exercise, I will tell you the best way to involve the GOOGLETRANSLATE capability in Google Sheets.


The GOOGLETRANSLATE capability will change over text from one language into another.

The sentence structure of the capability is:

=GOOGLETRANSLATE (text, [source_language, target_language])

text – this is the text that will be deciphered from the source language to the new dialect. It should be message inside quotes or a cell reference to a cell containing the message

 This contention is discretionary and will be set to “auto” as a matter of course.

target_language – this is the two-letter language code of what you need the source language converted into. This contention is discretionary and will be set to the framework language naturally.

Utilizing the GOOGLETRANSLATE Capability

To comprehend how to involve the GOOGLETRANSLATE recipe in your bookkeeping sheet, we should investigate a model:

  • In the model above I have three equations.
  • This first recipe switches English over completely to Spanish, the second believers English to Vietnamese, and the third equation changes English over completely to French.
  • You can find in the model over that utilizing the Google Decipher recipe is extremely simple, you simply need the text you are interpreting, and the language codes of the source and target language.
  • The language codes should be inside quotes like in the model above.
  • Here is a table of a portion of the language codes that are upheld with this capability:
  • The GOOGLETRANSLATE capability is a valuable equation for interpreting text from one language into another. Few out of every odd language is upheld with this capability however they really do uphold numerous normal dialects.
  • Something significant to note is that the interpretation isn’t generally great, so remember that when you are utilizing this capability.
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