How to Use View Once Feature in WhatsApp

How to Use View Once Feature in WhatsApp

By IsraeliPanda

WhatsApp has delivered its exceptionally mentioned highlight, ‘View Once,’ for people in general. The highlights permit clients to send a picture to their contact and set a one view cap on the picture and video. This component will guarantee a client’s security and enable clients to control their sharing propensities. Elsewhere in the world, this element was at that point accessible on Instagram. In any case, it was never carried out to Facebook Messenger.

Thus, assuming that you have refreshed your WhatsApp application to the most recent variant, 2.2114.24, we should perceive how to utilize the WhatsApp View Once include in this bit by bit guide. On the off chance that you have still not refreshed your application, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update your WhatsApp. Pick up the pace!

How to Use WhatsApp ‘View Once’ include?

Utilizing the new View Once include is easy.

Stage 1: Open WhatsApp and go to the reach you need to send the picture to.

Stage 2: Now, click on the Attachment symbol or the Camera symbol on the text bar.

Stage 3: In the spring up screen, tap on the Gallery symbol and go to your telephone’s exhibition to choose the picture or video record.

Stage 4: Now, select a picture/video. You’ll quickly see a 1 symbol on the text bar.

Stage 6: Tap on the 1 symbol. When you do, you’ll get a “Photograph set to see once” toast message on the screen.

Stage 7: Now, tap on the Send symbol to send the photograph/video to your companion. The image/video will be quickly sent.

The client at the less than desirable end will actually want to see the photograph/video just a single time. The application will likewise show the client a video document with 1 symbol. When clicked, the document will open; it will begin playing in the event that it is a video record. Clients can likewise stop the video and take a screen capture assuming that they need it.

Assuming you have sent a picture document to the client, they can see the record and take a screen capture. The client will likewise see 1 symbol on the right-top corner of the screen that will demonstrate that the photograph/video is a one-time view document.

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