Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels for All Creators: How Can you Take Advantage of Them?

Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels for All Creators: How Can you Take Advantage of Them?

By auroraoddi

In recent years, Meta-owned Instagram has become one of the most widely used and well-known social networks. It has managed to surpass Facebook in the number of subscribers. In fact, although more than 10 years have passed since its official launch, Instagram is very popular among the very young and teenagers.

This social network is rich in features, capable of attracting over a billion users. Instagram lets you share links, photos, videos, images, publish stories and create Reels. In recent weeks, Meta’s social network has added an interesting new option: broadcast channels.

Instagram broadcast channels for creators available to all users worldwide

Users in the United States were the first to take advantage of Instagram broadcast channels for creators back in February. A few days ago, Meta’s social network announced the arrival of this new feature for Instagram creators worldwide.

What are the new Instragram broadcast channels for creators?

Broadcast channels are the new feature with which Instagram allows creators to send direct messages to their followers. Instagram broadcast channels are useful for strengthening the bond between account owner and audience. The exchange includes communication via chat, audio messages, video images or polls. Subscribers can react by sending stickers and emojis.

What new features for Instagram creators worldwide?

In addition to the global launch of broadcast channels, Instagram has also announced other exciting new features for creators on the Meta social network. Here are the most important.

Profile collaboration

Creators can now invite other profiles to join their channel. This option is already available to everyone.

Reserved tabs for messaging channels

Thanks to these new tabs, users will be able to discover the existence of new channels. However, this feature is still in the testing phase.

Quick questions

Quick questions are also a test feature, but will ensure that creators can interact with their subscribers and get feedback.

New tools for managing and promoting channels

In addition, Instagram creators will be able to count on new tools to manage and promote their broadcast channels. The most innovative tools will be:

  • the scheduling of a channel expiry date and time for the creation of ephemeral channels;
  • adding moderators to manage subscribers, messages and content;
  • sharing a link or preview of the channel in stories, to increase the number of follwers.

How do I create an Instragram broadcast channel?

To create a distribution channel, you need to have a profile dedicated to creators. The option can be found in the Instagram mailbox. When the first post is sent, all subscribers to the channel will receive a unique notification. This is a kind of invitation to join the channel.

Instead, after generating the channel, Instagram also allows a sticker to be used in Stories. The sticker represents an invitation for subscribers to join the channel. However, this option is currently being rolled out and may take a few weeks to finalize.

How do I find a creator’s Instagram broadcast channel?

To find out if a creator has an Instagram broadcast channel, simply visit their profile and see if there’s a link available in the bio. Registration, on the other hand, is the prerequisite for access to the creative channel.

What do French designers think of the new Instagram broadcast channels?

France’s most famous designers have already started using Instagram broadcast channels, making some of them. In a short space of time, the channels have won over 700,000 subscribers, recording membership rates “twice the average“. Currently, the best-known French channels are: Lena Situations, Just Riadh, L’Atelier de Roxane, Paola Locatelli, to which artists such as David Guetta and Daft Punk have been added.

Speaking of Instragram channels for designers, Roxane Piana of L’Atelier de Roxane, said,

“It’s a new way to share with my followers! I love the concept of channels to develop this closeness, for example, by sharing secret projects or sending hyper spontaneous voices!”.