Interview To Relax 4 Me Founder Claudio Petri

Interview To Relax 4 Me Founder Claudio Petri

By Redazione

We’re speaking to the italian software entrepreneur Claudio Petri, who founded Relax 4 Me company to develop and sell an innovative online clothing store management system!

Claudio Petri is the highly experienced computer entrepreneur who founded the Relax 4 Me software in 2014, in order to project and develop an innovative online clothing store management system. Thanks to the Prestashop and WooCommerce plugins, Relax 4 Me customers can use the online Relax Plus app and manage all the selling activities related to their clothing shops. You can click here and have a look to the Relax Plus app features! The following interview to Claudio Petri will explain the Relax Plus features and focuses the peculiarities of the management system!

Claudio, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! How your software house was born? 

My software house was born 8 years ago to promote the cloud systems in the clothing industry. Today we all know about the cloud technology but not everyone did it 8 years ago! At the time, clothing shops had old local-installed software (the ones on compact discs and .exe files, You know?!), that’s why I thought that a cloud-base software could have revolutionized the basis for shops management systems.  Relax Plus was really appreciated by the customers!

So the cloud technology accelerated the Relax Plus solution sales?

Of course it did. My company was able to provide a software solutions even to the ones who weren’t skilled at software management systems. Relax Plus customers appreciated the user-friendliness and the online login solution. Everyone can use Relax Plus by his own mobile device or computer desktop. I put a lot of effort into user-friendliness in order to have a simple and effective online app. 

The Relax 4 Me company has come to a new generation of online management systems for e-commerce?

Relax 4 Me is installed in hundreds of european clothing shops. A few months ago the first american customer was activated in New York, 5th Avenue! The high level of customer satisfaction shows that Relax Plus customers are enthusiastic and the app wins over the competition. The merit of the success is also due to our customer support office, with which it is possible to get in touch by telephone and receive a no-limits direct assistance from the company. Furthermore, when I developed Relax 4 Me I really wanted to engage an experienced staff with excellent skills in the clothing trade. This choice was successful.

Relax 4 Me is the one of the best feature to seize the opportunity to sell online for the offline clothing shops who were locked down because of the pandemic, isn’t it? 

That’s right. Our software has powered up the online sellings for classic shops. I expect that clothing traders will need more useful technologies to manage the online selling in the future. Relax Plus software is ready to upgrade its features and get ready to the next generation.

Thank You Claudio Petri! Please visit the website: and get in touch with the company by clicking here.

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