Interview with Augusto Vecchi, K2 Capital CEO

Interview with Augusto Vecchi, K2 Capital CEO

December 21, 2021 By germana

Interview with Augusto Vecchi, K2 Capital CEO , a company that develops cryptographic systems for the tokenization of corporate and real estate assets.

K2 Capital is a company born from the union of entrepreneurs attentive to technological changes and new economic paradigms and who strongly believe in the investment opportunities offered by new technological assets, such as blockchain, crypto and tokens. By virtue of this, K2 Capital has created a series of services for companies and individuals that we talk about in this new article/interview.

K2 Capital offered consulting

K2 Capital is able to guide companies and individuals in the following sectors

Blockchain Technology

K2 Capital is able to allow companies access to blockchain technology to securely and transparently record and track any aspect of the business process: payments, production, orders etc

Mining and Cryptocurrencies

K2 Capital provides companies with powerful miners rental services to mine Bitcoin

Tokenization NFT, ICO, IDO

Thanks to the realization of personalized smart contracts, K2 Capital is able to launch on the market digital tokens of your company. This is possible by means of ERC 20 tokens on the Etherium blockchain

Equity Crowdfunding

Another service of K2 Capital is the consultancy for the financing of innovative startups. In particular, K2 is concerned with seeking capital through partner platforms for innovative start-ups judged to have high growth potential.

If you want to know more about the activities of K2 Capital, read the interview with Augusto Vecchi, company CEO  

Hello Augusto, nice to meet you and thank you for the time you are dedicating to us. Let’s talk about K2 Capital with a Tweet:

A fintech, born as an innovative startup, but that can count on a long experience background.

How and when did the idea of merging brilliant entrepreneurs into one great brand was born?

To meet the demands of entrepreneurs and investor users, who come to us from Italy Crowd (, which was the first real estate crowdfunding platform born in Italy in 2015. So, we founded K2 Capital to implement the activities related to technology and decentralized finance

How long did it take to shape the project? 

The establishment of the startup was very fast, as we founders have been friends for years. After that, to give more strength and internationality to the company, we have entered into partnership agreements with: the software house Blockchain Italia based in Milan, the fintech Swiss Crowd based in Lugano in Switzerland and Morgan Allen Associates based in London in Great Britain.

Blockchain, tokens, Crypto, are well known terms but not everyone knows what they really mean. At what point is the knowledge on the subject in Italy? How can change be accelerated?

Just recently, we have launched the possibility of booking the first Italian real estate utility tokens. We are realizing how little knowledge there is on the subject. In fact, many of our users, who are used to investing in real estate lending electronically through their wallets, ask us what is a token? We believe that companies like ours will contribute to the acceleration of this new paradigm, directly educating their customers or the community that follows them. Whether you want it or not, tokens, coins and cryptocurrencies will soon become common use.

What’s a Token? Explain it to us like we are children 

A Utility Token is essentially a token of utility, and is used as a booking ticket that allows access to future product, service, or cryptocurrency of the company that issued it.

How did you launch your brand?

As K2 Capital CEO, I wrote a post on Linkedin where I announced the birth of this new innovative startup and related tokenization services. Being a fairly followed entrepreneur, a famous fintech journalist, after noticing the post, called me and did an interview, then published it in a major online newspaper.

What about the future? 

We are focused on some projects related to the tokenization of corporate assets, among them there is the marble sector, which involves important companies located in the city of Carrara. Then we are studying utility tokens in the hospitality industry, then related to holidays. But of course the first project, “branded” K2 Capital, will be the development of our real estate Token.


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