Interview with Ciro Amodio, CEO of Followtrack

Interview with Ciro Amodio, CEO of Followtrack

By germana

Interview with Ciro Amodio, CEO of Followtrack, innovative start-up born with the mission of ensuring the reliability and punctuality of deliveries for both companies and individuals.

The field of deliveries, accomplice also to the pandemic period, has had to be confronted with a continuous evolution. Followtrack is the new innovative delivery tracking service for companies and individuals. It was created for those who sell through a website and for those who need to make shipments in a simple, fast and above all trace way. 

Followtrack services for sellers

For a shipping house or for individual couriers, relying on Followtrack means obtaining innovative technological support for optimising the shipping process; at the same time means increasing the effectiveness of the delivery service through direct communication channels with the final recipient. All reducing time and costs due to stock management and the vehicle fleet. It allows you to manage deliveries and withdrawals in an automated manner even in the case of sales from the website. 

The platform allows to: 

  • require a shipment via app and manage it through instant messaging services such as Whatsapp and Telegram   
  • attach transport documentation 
  • choose the day and time of delivery
  • be constantly updated on the delivery time
  • manage direct communication between carrier and recipient 
  • receive notifications about the delivery made
  • cancel delivery/withdrawal at the time of shipment 
  • confirm deliveries using the OTP code

Watch this video to learn more:

Followtrack services for online shoppers and recipients of goods 

For those who shop online, Followtrack allows direct communication through the most used channels: sms, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. and makes it possible to: 

  • choose delivery date and time with a maximum gap of 20 minutes
  • change the destination for the same day during delivery time
  • visualize the next steps of the courier in case of failure to collect
  • shipping point
  • confirm withdrawal via OTP
  • choose pick-up or delivery on the day
  • display all documentation related to the shipment via Sms/Whatsapp/Telegram etc

If you want to know more about Followtrack, read the interview with Ciro Amodio

Hello Ciro, nice to meet you and thank you for your time. Tell us more about Followtrack: what is it? 

The program Follow Track is a universal logistic platform that joins: couriers, warehouses, commercial activities and delivery. So far, freight forwarders and small hauliers have excluded from their parameters the recipients of the goods, forgetting that the final outcome of a delivery is therefore the final logistics process. Delivery processes and flows are defined as concluded when all the actors involved, including the recipients, know the actions of the predecessor through communication, this activity allows the increase of positive feedback of services and related economic benefits. We offer software and hardware dedicated to communication for all the actors involved in the supply chain, with dedicated accounts based on work dynamics, with customizable communication keys for each need. Eliminating the status of deliveries is only the first step, communication brings knowledge to define and analyze your customer. Communication is only the first step towards automation of deliveries.

How and when was the idea of Followtrack born? 

The need transformed into an idea is today a joint program of several actors, in this lack of communication have emerged the recipients of goods suffocated by missed deliveries, deliveries with wrong destinations and articulated re-planning  deliveries of packages. I was one of them. From the joint analyses emerged great difficulties also between the couriers that still today re-enter in the warehouse with deliveries not carried out from 9% to 18% of own initial cargo, finding innumerable difficulties to find the contact and answers from the consignee.

How long did it take to shape the project? 

Taking advantage of my contacts and assets available, the analysis lasted for 2 years, questioning: private addressee (home delivery), companies, commercial facilities, warehouses and couriers. algorithmic compositions: The structure appeared after the first year of analysis, ending in 2 years and keeping appendices active for new activities in progress. 

How is the market responding?

The answers given to us in the phase of analysis from more actors have been positive, we are in work in progress. How has the world of deliveries changed during this pandemic period? It has had an excellent accelerated “momentary in my opinion” in the e-commerce sector with a frightening increase in shipments, but not all couriers/ delivery houses are prepared for the new management, there is the need for a change of mentality.

How did you launch your project? 

Our launch follows the current trend of startups:

  • market exposure
  • expansion of the network
  • choices of investors
  • fundraising
  • liquidity generation

Plans for the future?

Firstly our mission: Robotization of commercial boxes in order to automate deliveries;

Groupage: Management of an interconnected network/platform of independent and non-independent freight forwarders for the collection and delivery of materials throughout the national territory.

Main project: New projects for signalling and managing of traffic and road routes.

We also want to enter supermarkets with new management, but I will talk about this later.