Interview with Jacopo Ciucci Colli, CEO of Hyper Foundry

Interview with Jacopo Ciucci Colli, CEO of Hyper Foundry

By germana

Interview with Jacopo Ciucci Colli, CEO of Hyper Foundry, a web 3.0 consulting company.

Technology is in a never-ending state of change. How many things around us have changed in the last ten years, and how many more will change in the future? Hyper Foundry was created to help people in constantly being immersed in technology, deep inside, with all of their shoes on!

Hyper Foundry is a Web 3.0-focused firm and creative agency with a clear mission: to help people who wish to take the big leap into the Superdigital era with innovative projects that are, above all, incredibly cool! Not surprisingly, NFT (Non-Fungible-Token), the new frontier of digital identity, is one of Hyper Foundry’s top priorities.

HERE you can find a very interesting NFT project 

More broadly, Hyper Foundry is a blockchain-focused company. The team’s job is making such a complicated and technical topic understandable to ordinary people. This is due to the fact that while technology is a great universe, it can only go atomic if it is truly shared!

Through the direct voice of Jacopo, the company’s CEO, let’s learn more about Hyper Foundry and its main projects.

Hi Jacopo, nice to meet you and thanks for the time you are dedicating to us. Hyper Foundry: would you like to tell us this beautiful story? 

Hi! Thank you for the invitation, and I appreciate it. Yes, it’s true, Hyper Foundry is a great story! I approached the crypto world almost by chance in 2017 through some friends. At the time I didn’t give it much weight, in fact I was among those who underestimated the potential of this technology, but given the curiosity and enthusiasm that these friends had reserved for it, I let myself be convinced to give it a chance and after several studies and insights I totally reconsidered so much as to start participating actively in this world. From then on I specialized more and more, until I founded a dedicated company.

How and when was the idea of Hyper Foundry born?

Hyper Foundry was born out of necessity. As a Product Designer specialized in Strategic Design, I felt the need to bring this kind of care and design culture into the blockchain world. A world that is desperately looking for ways to simplify procedures and become mainstream being in a still embryonic and growing phase. So with some colleagues we created Hyper Foundry, a mix between a creative agency and an innovative startup specialized in blockchain and WEB 3.0 projects. 

‘O SOL MIO: explain to us what it is about

‘O SOL MIO is the first NFT project of Hyper Foundry. We wanted a project that would capture our design essence and allow us to explore technological opportunities. Thus was born the first NFT Phigital Design Project based on Own to Earn. It is a project with high technological content that allows NFT owners to control the commercial rights of the Visual and to receive royalties for the sale of products that use that Visual. Parallel to the NFT project’s growth, we’re establishing a design brand that rewrites the meaning of ownership, individuality and personal expression, with sustainability, ethics and sharing as keywords.It was only logical for us to utilize a cultural and social icon as the subject of our NFT in a project with such a strong human component, and being Italians, the glorious pizza responded perfectly to these universal values. We want to make a difference not only in the digital world,  thus we have included a charitable component in this project. We will donate to non-profit organizations and groups working in the food sector with the proceeds from the sale of the NFT of ‘O SOL MIO. Balancing and combining all of this into one project is ambitious, but we are all too proud of it and are confident that we will be able to carry it through in its entirety.

ETHERE#: of course you absolutely have to tell us about this, too

While we are still perfecting ‘O SOL MIO we are already thinking about the future NFT project. So, for the moment, ETHERE# is still a work in progress that maybe we will reveal at a later date, but all I can say is that it tries to combine art and the concept of time. Great things are in store for us!

Who is Hyper Foundry for?

Hyper Foundry is for anyone who wants to dive into the world of Web 3.0 but needs help navigating through the digital quagmire. Our purpose is to educate and provide clear information so that people may orient themselves in this new reality. We are also working on a consulting section for professionals and SMEs, where we will share our knowledge and experience in order to follow and advise any professionals and businesses who want to enter this world with such particular rules.

How did you launch your projects?

Our projects are partially funded by outside investors, but they are mostly funded, produced, and managed internally by the experts that work and collaborate with us. We try to always have control and vision and leave our distinctive mark!

What are your plans for the future?

As mentioned above, the ETHERE# project is currently in development. Then there are additional projects in the works, such as a specific certification tool for the design industry. We are directly familiar with the designer-producer and product-collector dynamics, so we thought we’d respond to all this. But that’s another story.



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