Interview with Kevin Giorgis, Wyblo CEO

Interview with Kevin Giorgis, Wyblo CEO

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Interview with Kevin Giorgis, Wyblo CEO, an EdTech startup that aims to bring education into the 21st century.

Wyblo is a young, innovative Italian startup that supports training companies as they automate and digitalize their training processes and measure the learning impact and experience of participants. This measurement takes place at all levels: before the course with a pre-assessment of knowledge, expectations, and objectives; during the course to understand satisfaction and involvement to make any changes; and at the end of the course, with a general assessment questionnaire. Wyblo provides automation and feedback, so training institutions can make smart decisions.

What does Wyblo do?

Wyblo in one sentence

Designed for training companies, Wyblo provides automation, analytics, and collaboration tools to efficiently enhance their resources and make effective decisions to enable a unique competitive advantage for their clients.

Our vision

Bringing the world of professional training into the 21st century by automating processes, increasing engagement, and combining different tools to ensure an efficient and effective learning experience.

The value of the platform is to automate all processes, measuring the impact of the course and collecting feedback effectively. Sharing these insights in real time with multiple stakeholders fosters greater awareness in training organizations so they can make decisions more easily and quickly, leveraging the data obtained through the platform. In particular, the characteristics of Wyblo are: constant tracking of the various moments of the learning experience: before the course with a pre-assessment, in-progress feedback, and post-training feedback (at the end or after a certain period); data centralization; real-time sharing of dashboards to participants, trainers, organization members, and third parties.

Wyblo radically improves the communication system in the educational and training sector. The crucial theme is that of feedback between learners and trainers, continuously measured to provide accurate graphs and analytics on course performance, teaching quality, learning level, and overall satisfaction.

The products offered by Wyblo

Vocational training

In the field of vocational training, Wyblo provides a platform to efficiently centralize all the data and resources of the training center, to obtain real-time data on the progress of the courses, and to digitize the processes to date manual from the registration of the learner to the delivery of the certificate.

University Education

For the universities, Wyblo has created a feedback path through which professors can understand in real time the progress of their courses and intervene proactively in improving them, if necessary. The administration, for its part, can obtain an overview of the course’s performance to better know how to optimize the offer.

Students give feedback continuously, answering questionnaires 80 seconds after each lesson, in order to collect “fresh” feelings and opinions.

If you want to know more about Wyblo read the interview with Kevin Giorgis, CEO of the company. 

Hi Kevin, nice to meet you and thank you for the time you are dedicating to us. Tell us more about Wyblo

The name comes from the English “”WaY to BLOom”, in Italian “la via per fiorire”. This is how our name was born because we intend Wyblo as the tool to help people flourish and to give their best in every situation. In our case,especially in teaching and learning.

Our task is to support training companies to automate training processes and measure the impact and experience of participants. The measurement takes place at all levels: before the course with a pre-assessment of the objectives, during the course to understand satisfaction and involvement so as to make any changes during the course, and at the end of the course with a general assessment questionnaire. This centralized platform also allows you to manage the entire course, from the personal data of the participants to the final certificate.

How and when was the idea of Wyblo born?

The idea comes from the university world in which feedback is almost always collected only at the end of the course, leading to a general disinterest of the student, and the impossibility for the teacher to improve the course in a timely manner. Over time, with my co-founder Cesare Gamberi and the rest of the team (Stefano Marchese, Vito Mannina, Madeleine Prothero, Manuel Corato, Davide Barbara) we realized that the potential target was professional training companies. In April 2021 we made a so-called “pivot”, retaking the product to those companies that provide courses for other companies and individuals.

How long did it take to shape your services?

From the initial idea to the actual birth of our project, which was initially designed almost exclusively for university instead of training companies, took 12 months to complete. The team, which has been working together since September 2020, took part in an Israeli acceleration program specializing in EdTech startups called MindCET; we won an Innovation Award from the ESCP Foundation; won Switch2Product of PoliHUB; and we were nominated by the World Summit Award for the best Italian EdTech startup.

Exactly one year later, in September 2021, we formed the company and raised a funding round from a French business angel.

How does the platform work?

Wyblo is an all-in-one platform that combines data analytics and behavioral sciences to improve and innovate the way training is done by automating processes and enabling businesses to take advantage of real-time dashboards to facilitate decision-making. At the moment, we have obtained a first traction on small-medium vocational training companies being able to notice also a considerable potential “network effect”. Today, in fact, we not only have a 100% retention rate, but also customers who are available to introduce us to new customers or freelancers with similar needs.

Our solution focuses on:

Automation of processes from registration to attestation;

Management and centralization of information relating to students, trainers, courses, and clients;

Monitoring of the learning experience of the students and trainers through the analysis of real-time data of the feedback collected. Customers can choose validated templates, monitor expectations, and goals before the course to measure what they think is useful during training and more.

These aspects allow you to understand the real needs of your team, reasoning in terms of upskilling/reskilling, and evaluate the impact of training (ROI). The vision of our product will add to the current analysis (mainly descriptive), prescriptive, and predictive analysis, suggesting to the company the training gaps of each employee, the courses that should be attended in line with the profile and company objectives (online or in “face-to-face”), as well as defining the mapping of skills.

Wyblo allows participants to carry out a pre-assessment before the start of the training and share business intelligence dashboards with those who deliver the training (trainers and administration), offering the opportunity to know and engage participants in a quick,time-saving way, and to customize the course according to expectations, objectives and previous knowledge. During the training, with Wyblo, it is possible to constantly track and visualize the feedback of the participants through questionnaires, quizzes and interactive polls. The administration has the possibility to use templates validated by the scientific literature; to choose other questionnaires selected by us depending on what you want to measure; and to customize its own surveillance. Finally, we offer the automated delivery of a customizable certificate/certificate attesting to the skills acquired.

Education is and will continue to be an evolving industry. How can we be prepared for these constant changes?

Exactly, and that is precisely why we created Wyblo: To help teachers and trainers improve by working on student feedback to evolve their course and adapt it from time to time. The key is not to remain static on a type of course, deluding yourself that it can be rewarding for any type of user, but aim to always challenge yourself using the technologies available.

How did you launch your brand?

The brand is based on a concept of sustainability and continuous collaboration with our partners and innovators (customers). The Wyblo platform supports the world of Education (SDG 4 – Sustainable Development Goals) in improving its processes and quality of the learning experience of its learners thanks to an automated, real-time feedback collection, and analysis and visualization system.

The Wyblo platform allows training companies to automate their processes (SDG 9) and save up to 80% of administrative and logistical time to manage a course.

Finally, the platform is built on an innovation ecosystem logic, thus creating a series of integrations with other softwares (SDG 17). We work closely with our clients by creating ambassador programs, business partnerships, and co-designs.

What about the future?

Wyblo is an evolving young startup, as is its team. The goal is to become the reference platform for professional training, in the presence and in the future online, while utilizing the collaboration with other startups to create an ecosystem of solutions.


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