Interview with Mattia Aloisi, CEO of Enspire

Interview with Mattia Aloisi, CEO of Enspire

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Interview with Mattia Aloisi, CEO of Enspire, the first interactive search engine that, in only a few clicks, provides the perfect gift for any person and occasion!

There are always so many occasions when we have to (and want to) present a gift to our favorite people: birthdays, Christmas, name days, anniversaries, and so on (but also less special, sometimes). And on most of these occasions, the question is more or less always the same: “What can I give?” Well, from now on you have a new ally in the form of Enspire, the first interactive search engine that identifies the perfect present for everyone and every occasion.

What is Enspire? is an intuitive and easy to use search engine that uses some filters to bring out the perfect idea when you are in a situation of uncertainty and lack of inspiration. Just select the type of relationship he or she has with the gift recipient, the occasion to be celebrated, his or her interests and finally his or her personality.

I personally tried this on Valentine’s Day and the result was top notch! Want to know what ideas I came up with? Here they are: a package of 5 digital trips to take to the world’s most beautiful and romantic destinations; a beehive to adopt to receive the honey produced; and a set of very beautiful 18K rose gold-plated jewelry.

If you want to know more about this amazing idea aggregator, read the interview with Mattia Aloisi, CEO of this life-saving startup! 

Hi Mattia, nice to meet you and thanks for the time you’re dedicating to us. Enspire: tell us more about this beautiful company

Hello and thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell Enspire. For all intents and purposes, Enspire is a search engine that specializes in finding gifts. In fact, our mission is to help people find the perfect gift by simplifying the whole process of searching and buying. To accomplish this, we have developed an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that provides the user with a personalized list of gifts based on psychographic parameters entered into the search engine: the relationship he or she has with the gift recipient, the occasion to be celebrated, his or her interests and finally his or her personality.

Once the gift has been found, the user will be led to the partner e-commerce where he can acquire more information and conclude the purchase.

How and when was the idea for Enspire born?

The idea was born about 2 years ago while I was bouncing between stores in my city desperately looking for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. At that moment I expressed the desire to have someone who could immediately find me the perfect gift for her, but it would take someone who knew her very well and especially with great gift ideas, so no one. At that moment I asked myself how many other people were in the same situation as me and so from that day on I started to explore the market and develop the idea of Enspire.

How did you launch Enspire? Did you make use of crowdfunding campaigns?

We moved on to developing the MVP after over a year of working to validate the idea, which we released through an internally managed marketing campaign. The launch campaign consisted mostly of Google and Facebook advertising, as well as a small group of influencers that supported us in telling the project’s message during the Holiday season.

Enspire Gift is essentially a search engine aggregator: how do you select your partners?

Our partners are chosen with great care. On the one hand, we’ve highlighted some of the traits that a product should have in order to be considered a “perfect present,” such as being shared, customizable, socially responsible, and distinctive and unique.

On the other hand, we carefully assess the quality of the e-services commerce’s to guarantee that the user has a positive experience with the product purchase: friendly return policies, competitive prices, ease of purchase, a wide range of accepted payment methods, and reasonable shipping costs.

Enspire: the naming itself is very evocative, any curiosities about the final choice? 

Enspire was born from the fusion of 2 words: e-commerce and inspiration. What we do every day in fact is to inspire people with original products and wonderful experiences to give as a gift and that they can buy easily and quickly from our e-commerce partners, hence Enspire.

Future developments?

We have many projects in the pipeline for the next 3 years. First of all we must continue to expand the product categories in order to offer our users a wide variety of products. Another important aspect concerns the technological development of the platform, we work every day to give our users the best user experience and make our algorithm smarter and smarter to be more and more precise and accurate in the proposal of gifts.

Finally, on the business side, we wish to grow as a media platform able to develop 360° advertising projects for our partners, ranging from brand recognition through ad-hoc communication initiatives through conversion and purchase through our search engine.

Curiosity: do you also use Enspire Gift to make your gifts? 

Absolutely, we are Enspire’s first customers but we try not to fall in love with our product too much and therefore we prefer to listen to what our real users and partners tell us.



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