Interview with Mattia Casadio, CEO of Holipay

Interview with Mattia Casadio, CEO of Holipay

By Rosy Chianese

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Interview with Mattia Casadio, CEO of Holipay, the first startup created to allow the hotelier to offer the customer a stay with payment in installments.

“This vacation is too expensive”, “I can’t afford to leave at the moment” “, it will have happened to you too to say these phrases when it comes to the theme of holidays. It is also the type of structure in which you decide to stay that significantly affects the overall cost of a holiday. But the market in this sector is changing and selling rooms in installments is the last frontier of tourism. Today, in fact, I will talk to you about Holipay, the first startup in the world that offers an installment payment system designed specifically for the tourism sector: convenient for the traveler who can go on vacation without worrying about the cost, safe for the hotelier who wants to increase sales and offer the payment service preferred by its customers, making them loyal.

What is Holipay 

Holipay is an innovation in the world of tourism: a payment system to sell hotel rooms in installments, without interest. If you own a hotel structure, with Holipay you have the possibility to make your customers pay with convenient installments, in a simple and fast way, collecting earlier and selling more, with a risk-free payment method.

How it works

The installment is calculated based on the booking date and always ends before the customer’s check-out, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Thanks to this tool you can truly offer an unprecedented booking experience. 

Holipay, as we have already said, is not designed only for hoteliers but also for you who want to give yourself a holiday, in total relaxation, having the possibility to pay up to a maximum of 10 installments, without interest or commissions.

If you want to know more about Holipay, read the interview with Mattia Casadio, CEO of this fantastic startup.

Hi Mattia, it’s a pleasure to meet you, and thanks for the time you are dedicating to us. Tell us more about Holipay.

Thanks for the invite. Holipay is a platform that allows the traveler to book a holiday and pay it comfortably in installments, without interest.
This system, 100% safe for the hotelier, allows you to increase the sales of hotel rooms, collect earlier with the installments, disintermediate from OTAs and greatly reduce the risk of cancellation.
Holipay is convenient both for the traveler, who can travel in total freedom, booking the holiday in time and then have no more worries, because the payments are all automatic every month until the month of checkout and without interest, and for the hotelier, who will receive full prepayment in installments on the first of each month, seeing the risk of cancellation also reduced because those who are already paying the holiday in installments hardly decide to cancel the booking.

Holipay is ,therefore, an innovation in the world of tourism and is a real marketing tool for the hotel sector.

How and when was the idea of Holipay born?

Holipay is a startup, it only started operating and integrating booking engines in the early months of 2022, but the idea was born much earlier, from my passion for finance and tourism. So I decided to apply finance to grow hotel sales, and I talked about it during a webinar in 2020. Seeing some interest in the topic, I started looking around and came up with the idea of applying the system of payment in installments, which today is very common for the purchase of material goods, even in the world of tourism, for the purchase of a holiday this time.

How did you launch your company? Have you used crowdfunding campaigns?

No, we financed with our own funds. The company is currently 100% owned by us, but we are looking at ways to grow faster.

How many structures have joined Holipay?

The structures that have activated holipay are already a hundred, and several hundred are waiting for their booking engine to be integrated in order to activate Holipay as well. The hotel market has responded very quickly to this innovation.

The Booking Engines already integrated with holipay are Hotel in Cloud, Ermes Hotels, Passepartout, Hoteldoor, but we are continuing to integrate and we expect that within a couple of months it will be possible for every hotel in the Italian market to sell in installments with Holipay.

What should a hotelier do if he wants to join your service?

It is very simple: he writes to us by e-mail and we immediately organize a video call to better explain the service.

If the hotel has an integrated booking engine, Holipay can be activated immediately. Otherwise, we have studied a Holipay rate with a pay-per-link for all hotels that are waiting for the booking engine to start using Holipay.

What are your plans for the future?

Our primary goal is to integrate the main booking engines and estimates by the summer. Consequently, we will be able to activate more and more hotels and satisfy requests. All for the Italian market. Then we will evaluate the expansion.

Curiosity: have you thought of offering yourselves abroad too?

Holipay, unlike other BNPLs in the sector, can operate for hotels all over the world and for customers from all over the world, so surely the next step in activating Holipay in the Italian market will be to turn to the foreign market. Holipay has no limits, not even geographic.


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