Interview with Nicola Abbasciano, COO of Pigro

Interview with Nicola Abbasciano, COO of Pigro

By Rosy Chianese

Interview with Nicola Abbasciano, COO of Pigro, a startup that helps companies and public offices manage their business documentation by automatically extracting clear and accurate information from any digital content.

Nowadays, companies produce an overwhelming amount of documents, which often make it difficult to find useful information among all the data and content stored in different corporate systems. But now you have an extra ally, it’s Pigro !Let’s find out together what it is.

What is Pigro

Pigro is an artificial intelligence-based software that allows you to easily manage your company’s Knowledge Base. Pigro answers users’ questions, making the information they need immediately available, extracting it directly from company documentation.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, you will be able to automatically import all internal documentation such as reports, spreadsheets, links and much more. How does it work? It’s very simple! Just ask a question and Pigro retrieves the information for you, giving also the possibility to see the entire document. 

Moreover, Pigro’s technology self-learns from every question asked, feedback or new material imported, constantly improving the results. The answers will always be up-to-date, in line with the latest version of the documents in your Knowledge Base. 

If you want to know more, keep reading this article and you will find an interview with Nicola Abbasciano, COO of this innovative startup.

Hi Nicola, it’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your time. Tell us more about Pigro.

Well thank you. Pigro, as you have already explained, deals with Knowledge Management and, in particular, with retrieving information from the company’s knowledge base. We have been working in this field for a number of years and we know that one of the biggest problems facing organisations, companies and people is precisely that of finding information: finding what you need without having to bother your colleague or waste time on disorganised folders.

Today, around 25% of the time spent by employees searching for information could be saved, thanks to a solution like Pigro.

How and when was the idea conceived?

The idea was conceived back in 2015 with the creation of the algorithm behind Pigro, which at the time was an AI-chatbot. But only in 2018, after refining and testing the product, we realised that Pigro had the potential to become much more than a virtual assistant. Therefore, following what were the overseas trends in terms of Knowledge Management, we realised that our technology could solve the problem of corporate knowledge management much better than other solutions.

How did you launch Pigro? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

We have not relied on crowdfunding campaigns before. In 2018 we participated in the LUISSEnLabs acceleration programme promoted by LVenture Group and then we started to gain visibility in Italy through Open Innovation contests. 

How does Pigro’s artificial intelligence work?

Pigro’s artificial intelligence is based on a statistical algorithm developed by our CEO Nicolò Magnanini. Thanks to this algorithm, Pigro is able to carry out automatic training based on the digital documentation provided by the customer. Then you can query Pigro with natural language queries (no need to use keywords) and receive the correct paragraph with the information you are looking for, directly extracted from the knowledge base.

What are the main advantages of using Pigro?

Definitely savings in terms of time and resources spent searching for company information for any department. Pigro can be used in the Help Desk to speed up the resolution of tickets and user requests, in Sales and Marketing to give quicker access to information, but also in HR, for example, to facilitate the onboarding of new employees with information always available.

In addition, Pigro’s setup is 10 times faster than traditional solutions and is fully integrated with the most widely used business systems (Salesforce, Zendesk, Front, Zoho, ServiceNow and others). And thanks to its technology, it works regardless of industry, language and file format. 

What plans do you have for the future?

At the moment Pigro, which already has large corporations (such as Sky, BNL, MSC) among its clients in Italy, is facing an internationalisation path in the UK, with the TechItalia:Lab acceleration programme in London. Our goal is to find investors and launch Pigro also on the foreign market.

Curiosity: The name itself is already very evocative, any curiosity about the final choice?

The name “Pigro” (which means lazy in italian) is very successful at trade fairs and events because it makes people curious. In fact, we chose to call ourselves like that because our aim is to make our customers a little bit lazier, finding solutions to their problems and allowing them to have more time to dedicate to the activities they consider more important.


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