Interview with Nicola Primieri, Fido Commercialista CO-FOUNDER

Interview with Nicola Primieri, Fido Commercialista CO-FOUNDER

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Interview with Nicola Primieri, Fido Commercialista CO-FOUNDER, the first platform that offers online services and advice on accounting and tax matters to companies and professionals.

When opening a business or a VAT number, the first thing you need to choose very carefully is the accountant. Very often this research can become a real nightmare, as well as the final choice that inevitably passes through the cost and the idea of competence and reliability that the chosen one transmits to us. Not to mention the time you lose between on-site appointments and meetings to check budgets and other things.

Well, today all of this process can be simplified by Fido Commercialista, an online platform where you can find specialized professionals able to follow you during the birth and growth of your business. All, rigorously online! The professional accountants available on Fido Commercialista will guide you in choosing the most convenient tax regime, they will manage your administrative situation while you will only have to focus on your business

Let’s see the services offered by Fido Commercialista

The services of Fido Commercialista

Opening a business

The Chartered Accountants of Fido Commercialista will open your VAT number advising you on the most convenient tax regime; they will manage your pension position (INPS or Caisse); they will enroll you, if necessary, to the CCIAA and INAIL. In addition, they will offer you support for the formation of an SRL, SRLS, Startup or association.

Dedicated advisor and tax compliance

The platform provides a dedicated tax advisor to record documents, receive useful advice, calculate taxes, draw up the tax return, manage deadlines and tax obligations such as tax return, VAT declaration etc… You can interact with your consultant whenever you want via Chat, phone or VideoCall.Vediamo i servizi offerti da Fido Commercialista

Free billing Software

The platform provides its users with electronic billing software free of charge.

Economic and financial management

Through the Fido Commercialista platform you can monitor in real time and at any time, the performance of your business: you can see how much you are invoicing, what is your profit, what your liquidity.

Document archiving

Fido accountant offers you a reserved area dedicated to the storage of your documents, both professional and personal.

If you want to know more about Fido accountant, read the interview with Nicola Primieri, Co-Founder of the company

Hello Nicola, nice to meet you and thank you for the time you are dedicating to us. Tell us more about this project

Hello everybody! Thank you so much for calling me for this interview, it is an honor and a pleasure for me. FidoCommercialista is the first 100% Online Accountant for companies, professionals, individual firms, and associations in any tax regime. We are a network of accountants that focus on the use of digital technologies to improve the service offered, the management of activities and communication with the customer. Our primary focus is to ensure a very high-quality standard, in fact we pay maximum attention in selecting the network professionals and in controlling processes and outputs. We believe in the value of consulting and the fiduciary relationship between professional and Company, digital technologies are only a way to increase speed and quality of services. 

How and when was the idea of Fido accountant born?

The idea of FidoCommercialista was born in 2018 from many speeches in the family between me, my brother and my father that we reasoned about how to change and innovate the Primieri Studio that deals with tax, accounting and business consulting for more than 30 years in Italy. I studied marketing and management and am a practicing accountant, my brother is a computer programmer, and my father has been an accountant for more than 30 years. We have put together our knowledge and created FidoCommercialista! Over time, many other professionals have joined the project who have become partners and have shared the ideals and mission of FidoCommercialista, starting to offer their services through our platform.

How long did it take to shape the project?

We went live on the first of January 2020 after a year and a half since we started thinking about the project. We have taken this time to analyze the market, the product features and above all to develop our web-app. The launch of this start-up was a long process full of uncertainty, when we started thinking about this idea similar services didn’t exist, and we had serious doubts about the feasibility of the project and the reactions of the market: after almost 2 years since the launch of FidoCommercialista I can say that the idea was a winner, and the market has reacted very well, now counting thousands of customers all over Italy, of any industry and size, starting from the professionals up to companies with more than 50 employees!

How does a consultancy take place on Fido accountant?

By visiting our site you can understand what our services are, prices and arrange a first free consultation with a certified public accountant to advise you the most convenient tax regime, explain what are the steps necessary to start your business and show you the operation of our platform. In the 7 days following the consultation you will have our platform available in a trial version and you can communicate with the accountant via chat, phone or video call. At this point if you like our way of working you can buy one of our subscriptions according to your tax needs.

How does subscription on Fido Commercialista work?

Our subscription plans include:

– unlimited advice via chat, phone or video call;

– dedicated tax advisor;

– all tax obligations of ordinary management;

– billing software;

– Fidocommercialista platform to monitor the progress of your business and communicate with the accountant;

– digital signature;

Subscriptions are all-inclusive for the ordinary management of each tax regime. With FidoCommercialista you will have at your disposal an accountant specialized in your tax regime and in the sector of your business who will follow you step by step in the accounting and tax management of your business. The FidoCommercialista platform allows you to monitor your numbers in real time, keep track of the progress of your business and communicate with your accountant in an agile and fast way.

How did you launch your brand?

We launched our brand through our website and social channels. We immediately aroused a lot of interest in the market being a new service and the only one in Italy to assist any tax regime. Word of mouth played a decisive role and many decided to talk about us on blogs, magazines and YouTube channels helping us to gain reputation and brand awareness in the market.

What’s about the future?

Soon we will be able to offer another integrated platform with FidoCommercialista that will be called FidoLavoro, this new platform will take care of all the advice and compliance in the field of consulting work making more agile and fast the management of employees and the preparation of payroll checks. In the future we dream of being integrated more and more with other professionals and services partners in such a way to offer to our customers an ecosystem of professionals and digitized online services. Our goal is to make the interaction between professionals, companies, and employees easier and more digital.



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