Interview with Nicolò Martucci, CEO of Dokicasa

Interview with Nicolò Martucci, CEO of Dokicasa

By germana

Interview with Nicol Martucci, CEO of DokiCasa, the first online real estate services platform

Selling, renting, or purchasing a home may be quite difficult, especially when dealing with bureaucracy. Contracts to fill out, checks to write, and more difficult-to-come-by counsel may all add to the length of a negotiation, as well as cause us to lose a lot of money. That is why DokiCasa was founded by a young group of experts with the goal of making online real estate services easily available to everyone in a simple, fast, and secure manner.

What exactly is DokiCasa?

DokiCasa is the first platform where you can discover a variety of services required to begin and end any real estate transaction. In reality, you may use the site to ask specialists in the industry to prepare documents such as:

  • contracts at agreed rent 
  • sale contracts
  • lease contracts
  • contracts of sale with deferment

Furthermore, using DokiCasa, you can:

  • sign and register contracts
  • request surveys and plans

The platform’s cornerstone is also the Assistance and Consulting section. In fact, help may be requested for tenant verification, lease or sale contract amendment, and so forth.

How much does DokiCasa cost?

On DokiCasa, you pay what you ask for, although subscription packages are also available. The following is a list of the platform’s prices:

LEASES (from €19)

  • 4+4 Contract → 19€
  • Transitional Contract → 24€
  • Commercial Contract → 29€
  • Box Car Contract → 14€
  • Tourist Contract → 14€
  • Sublease → 14€
  • Loan for Use → 29€


  • Preliminary Sale → 59€
  • Option to Purchase → 49€
  • Rent to Buy → 69€
  • Planned Purchase → 69€
  • Preliminary Contract with Reserve → 79€
  • Sale of Usufruct → 79€

SUBSCRIPTION CONTRACTS (€169/year): The most chosen by Agencies

  • +40 updated and customized contracts and Documents
  • Download 30 Documents/year (word and PDF format)

If you want to know more about DokiCasa, read the interview with Nicolò Martucci, CEO of the start-up

Hi Nicolò, nice to meet you and thanks for the time you are dedicating to us. DokiCasa: Would you like to tell us something more  about it? 

DokiCasa is a Technological Platform, with two main goals:

  • to provide clear and transparent information about the world of buying, selling and renting;
  • to combine the information given with concrete services that can be used directly from the platform.

Everything is done online, with one essential key word: “simple”! Of course, our Professionals are of course always available to help with any questions, doubts or requests for information. While technology makes our lives simpler, it’s important to remember that “the human aspect” breaks through every barrier of suspicion.

How and when was the idea for DokiCasa born?

The idea of simplifying the real estate bureaucracy dates back to early 2019. My parents run a real estate agency, my dad specifically does consulting and contract drafting. Many area agencies have always relied on him for this type of fulfillment, and that’s where I realized there was a lack of an authoritative, technology-driven point of reference to provide these types of services.

How long did it take to shape the project? 

It took over 1 year to organize the Platform and the artificial intelligence technologies that enabled it to function. It took over 9 months to test the product and services, based on the first release. DokiCasa has been online since January 1, 2021 and it is continuously evolving, with over 40 services available and 5000 practices completed in just a year.

How did you get your project off the ground? Did you make use of any crowdfunding campaigns?

Our approach has always been “let’s start the project the old-fashioned way, as our parents did.”. Lots of sweat, late night hours, personal financial strength, no campaign…. The goal was to test, make ourselves known, let people try the Platform and get as much feedback as possible. Now we can say we have working products and in the coming months we will certainly open up to possible investors and crowdfunding campaigns, in order to grow and scale as quickly as possible, knowing that our services are valued and appreciated.

Who is DokiCasa addressed to? Tell us about the platform’s business side.

DokiCasa is intended for real estate agencies, professionals (lawyers, cafes, accountants, companies), and property owners. Agencies and Professionals regularly use the Platform, with the main goal of speeding up and standardizing services for their clients. For this reason, we have designed subscription plans that allow users to use the Platform on a regular basis for a reasonable cost and with the help of our Consultants. Property Owners, on the other hand, use DokiCasa to fulfill all regulatory obligations and “do things correctly”, such as managing their properties’ leases remotely.

What is the best service of DokiCasa that you cannot give up?

It is tough to answer this question, since all the services employ the same matrix technology and therefore the same benefits for users. Certainly the most used and appreciated service is the computation of the agreed rent, where DokiCasa is a pioneer in offering this possibility online with an average time of 1 hour. Instead, when it comes to Real Estate Agencies, the most desired services are Anti-Money Laundering and Contract Subscription with Guided Compilation.

Any projects for the future? 

In the course of 2022 we will further expand our range of services, such as Energy Certification, and we will structure strategic partnerships with other industry players in the sector, thus aiming to make DokiCasa the leading Real Estate Services Platform.



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