Interview with Stefano Rainone, CEO of Daleca

Interview with Stefano Rainone, CEO of Daleca

By Rosy Chianese

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Interview with Stefano Rainone, CEO of Daleca, the app dedicated to one-to-one speed meetings. 

It saw the pandemic time as fertile ground for the creation of one-on-one smart networking, which allows anyone to connect with anyone else.

In the last period, everyday life has been completely revolutionized by the social distancing and the social alienation of which we have been victims in the recent past. The way people work, communicate, and relate to one another has drastically changed, while new technologies have quickly arisen as a great way to interact even at a distance. Among these, it is worth mentioning Dalema, the app that allowed businesses, corporations, and communities to stay in touch even when we were not allowed to be in close proximity. It has seen the pandemic period as the perfect occasion to point to the growth of one-on-one smart networking, providing anyone who needs it with an agile and convenient solution to keep strong relationships. 

What Daleca allows you to do

Deleca is an innovative and easy-to-use app that has renewed the way of networking by focusing on incredibly accessible communication capable of generating ideas, strengthening team building and creating new opportunities. This incredible advantages have been taken by: 

  • companies and nonprofit communities that needed to strengthen the bond between the users involved;
  • companies whose goal was to maintain communication and stimulate the team even in smart working;
  • companies looking for investors and new partnerships;
  • agencies that needed to leverage webinars to train and educate visitors.


All of this is attributable to the enhancement of events focused on speed meetings, which can be established directly in the app by defining settings and specifications that are most beneficial to the end communication aim.

Do you have any questions about upcoming events? Are you interested in learning more about Daleca’s brand innovative concept? Then all you have to do is keep reading the words of Stefano Rainone, the creator and CEO of Daleca, speak.

How and when was the idea for Daleca born?

I went to a business speed dating event at CES in Las Vegas, and it was the most enjoyable and productive experience I’ve ever had. I met a lot of intriguing people and formed friendships that eventually converted into amazing professional chances.

So I decided to recreate the same format online, making it even more efficient and available to the entire world. People nowadays frequently use social media to get to know one another, however you can’t truly know someone through likes, images, videos, or other means (especially at a professional level). To contact someone, you must first contact them,  think about what to write, and be afraid of being perceived as someone who wants to sell them something or not receive a reply. On the other hand, on Daleca, you have the possibility to meet dozens of people each day who share your interests and who, in turn, want to network. So, here’s the deal with Daleca:

  • There’s no need to be concerned about being judged based on your likes/photos, etc.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about not receiving a response to a message.
  • You meet a lot of individuals who share your interests, and you have a lot of fun.

How have you launched your company? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

We have both the financial resources and the time to develop the app ourselves (it took us almost a year).

We have not yet participated in crowdfunding campaigns because, over time, more and more people have decided to invest in the project with us (without ever asking for anything), but I believe we will in the near future.

Who has already joined Daleca?

Companies and institutions from all over the world have already signed up. I’ll use the example of W20 (the G20 women’s delegation), which used our App to arrange an international event involving more than 17 countries from around the world.

What is Daleca’s most significant asset?

The long-term objective is for all of the world’s communities to get to know one another, talk to one another, and choose cooperation over competition and conflict.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future, here is the project on which we are focusing most: Supported primarily by Gianluca Di Paoli (President of the AICI Association), a person who I respect very much and with whom a friendship was born through Daleca!

Curiosity: Have you thought of proposing yourselves abroad?

Of course. Daleca is already being used abroad.



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