¿Is Amazon Music included with Prime Video?

¿Is Amazon Music included with Prime Video?

By ypaolavc

If we talk about the trends that stand out the most in recent years, we find video and music streaming services, with more and more companies are entering the market willing to offer these services. This is where the participation of Amazon, the multinational technology company in the world of e-commerce, cannot be missing.

Now, you already know that Amazon offers a wide range of products to the market and of course, music and audiovisual content, but… Are you clear about what each one offers and if Amazon Music is included with Prime Video?, if you don’t know, don’t worry, because today we will tell you about it.

Let’s start by clarifying what is each of these services and what they offer.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an annual subscription service from Amazon, where the platform offers shopping and delivery benefits, music, video and Twitch (video streaming platform focused on video games).

Amazon Music

Prime Music is a platform where you can enjoy personalised radio stations, music of your choice and playlists that the app creates for you according to your preferences as identified by the app. On the other hand, you can enjoy this service without an internet connection and, best of all, without ads.

Now, to purchase Amazon Music you have two alternatives, the first is to sign up for Amazon Prime to listen to up to two million songs or 40 hours of music per month, you will also have free shipping for your purchases on the website, Prime Video and Twitch Prime; on the other hand, the second option is to simply subscribe to Amazon Music, where you will have unlimited songs to listen to.

Amazon Prime Video

It is a free platform for Amazon Prime customers, where you can enjoy videos and series created by Amazon. However, to sign up for Prime video, you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber, where you will enjoy everything mentioned above, although music is of limited use.

Finally, all these services can be enjoyed from any device you have and simultaneously.

As you can see, both Amazon Music and Prime Video services are included in, but it will depend on the type of service you sign up for and the one you demand the most from.

Finally, in the wide world of entertainment you find a wide variety of low-cost services, where you can enjoy music, series or films without leaving home and from any device you have. So explore all the services and evaluate which one best suits your needs.

Enjoy it!

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