Kirstie Alley’s Most Popular Films

Kirstie Alley’s Most Popular Films

By julianapardogonzalez

The only certainty we have in life is death, and even for us human beings it is a strange and uncertain phenomenon, that it takes our favorite people away from us.   

Over the years, we have lost many gems in the entertainment industry. This month is also gloomy, as the industry have lost the most beautiful and talented American actress, Kirstie Alley. She is best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in the NBC sitcom Cheers.  

In her extraordinary career, she gave us many epic films and series.. And today we are here to commemorate all of her best titles and to provide her with a little tribute. So, let’s get started with this legendary list. 

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 

This film was the debut of Kirstie Alley, who played the character of Saavik. It was followed by One More Chance, Champions, Blind Date (with Bruce Willis) and Runaway. 

Look Who’s Talking 

Undoubtedly, the romantic comedy film of 1989 with which Kirstie Alley was a hit on television. She played the character of Mollie, an accountant who becomes pregnant by Albert, a character played by actor George Segal, who is one of her clients and a married man. When the baby is about to be born, she befriends a cab driver named James, played by John Travolta, who falls in love with the new mother. Baby Mike, who realizes the pair’s love, is voiced by Bruce Willis. The second part, ‘Look, Who’s Talking Now’, aired in 1993, in which James becomes the father of little Mike. 

It takes two 

A family fringe film directed by Andy Tennant, in which Kirstie Alley, starring as Diane, shares scenes with twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, two identical girls from different social classes who become friends. The two create a plan for Diane and Roger, father of the wealthy girl, to fall in love. 

Summer School 

The 1987 released film was a blockbuster hit at that time. The film follows the story of a P.E. teacher, Freddy Shoop who ends up teaching English at summer school to his students. Moreover, he will lose his job unless all the students pass the class. Now Freddy has to find a way to keep his job and make all the students pass the test. 

David’s Mother 

David’s Mother is a beautiful film, narrating the story of a brave mother trying to cope with her autistic child. Moreover, it is also considered the most entertaining title by Kirstie as the fans got to see her different side in the movie. Alley won an Emmy Award for her exceptional role in the film, and was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award. 

You can’t Take My Daughter 

This movie was an edge-of-your-seat experience. It’s unbelievable that this story is true. So, we had no idea what the rapist was going to do next. “You Can’t Take My Daughter” is a beautifully acted movie, especially by Lyndsy Fonseca. Fonseca does a terrific job. 

Baby Sellers 

Inspired by true events, Lifetime’s original movie, Baby Sellers, exposes the international criminal enterprise of baby selling. 

While She Was Out 

A veterinarian, unhappy in her life and in her marriage to a minister, treats a dog whose condition is so serious that it may have to be put down. It turns out that the animal belongs to an old college friend. 

Within this list, you will find films that are already considered classics, as well as more recent ones. I hope you enjoy them and remember Kirstie Alley. 



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