Meet the new JBL GO 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Meet the new JBL GO 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

By carolc

JBL GO 2 is the upgrade of the previous product JBL GO. The JBL GO was dispatched a long time prior and had a square shaped plan contrasted with the somewhat bended sides of the Go 2. It is likewise marginally greater than the JBL GO, around the size of a bar of cleanser.

JBL has made a decent showing with their last barely any ages of little Bluetooth speakers and this one is actually no different, its truly smaller and its molded loans itself well to having the option to fit into a little sack or even a pocket, without being irritating. The JBL GO 2 comes with a long-lasting battery, it is portable, the main feature “being waterproof”, it is an all- in-one Bluetooth speaker.

Making a sprinkle with its new IPX7 waterproof arrangement, GO 2 offers music dears the opportunity to bring their speaker poolside, or to the coastline. GO 2 moreover offers totally clear call inclusion in its certain disturbance dropping speakerphone. Made in a limited arrangement with 12 eye-getting shades to investigate, GO 2 rapidly raises your style profile to each new level.


To ensure that everyone acknowledges who makes it, the Go 2 has JBL logos at the front and the back. The front has a metal work that houses the driver, and has a singular LED band in the center basically over the checking. While this LED is adequately wonderful to be seen inside, it isn’t observable undeniably when you are getting out and about. The top of the speaker is the spot where all the controls are found. There are five buttons for power, Bluetooth mixing, volume, and play/stop. Unfortunately, these catches don’t likewise allow you to skip or play the past tune.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you would like to skirt a tune, you can twofold tap the play button. The JBL Go 2 supports Bluetooth 4.1 close by A2DP and AVRCP which suggests that you can control your music using it. At the center of the speaker is a 40mm driver. It has an evaluated yield of 3.1W and a repeat extent of 180Hz-20,000kHz. With the repeat going starting at 180Hz, obviously the speaker won’t have the option to imitate a huge aspect of the bass recurrence extend. The battery limit is 730mAh. There’s in like manner a mouthpiece with the objective that you can acknowledge calls using this speaker. In the compartment, you get the JBL Go 2 unit and a Micro-USB connect for charging.



On the off chance that you are style cognizant, it likewise comes in twelve diverse shading giving you a lot of choice to look over and its sensibly estimated the speaker feels excellent.


The shell of the speaker is made of plastic yet has a versatile covering that energizes it and gets an IPX7 rating. It has delicate touch material around the outside of packaging which makes it simple to clutch.

Water Resistant

It is water safe and can manage being brought down into 1m of water up to 30 minutes. The Micro-USB port for charging and AUX input are both hidden under a thick versatile crease so water doesn’t get inside the body if the speaker gets wet. That suggests that it will in general be used when you swim or when outside in a horrible atmosphere. You can pass on it with you while on an excursion; anyway, we think the JBL Clip 2 has a predominant arrangement for that action.

Low Weight

It has a tad of weight for being so little which is anything but an awful thing, it causes it to feel like it is more costly than it really is. Weighing just 0.18 kilogram, it’s lighter than the previous product.

Answer Phone Calls

The Go 2 has an inbuilt mouthpiece that makes it possible to answer calls. We could hear people who called us clearly, and they could hear us as well, anyway they referred to that we sounded to some degree eliminated. You can likewise utilize it as a speakerphone with its inherent amplifier.


Charging will be done through a miniature USB port and u likewise get a three-millimeter assistant information. Voltage which will be situated under a little fold on the side of speaker it is likewise ip7x evaluated which implies you can truly take this with you any place you go

For example, to the pool or coastline on a trip. It is intended to be solid and sound quality is great too.

Charging and battery life

The main thing that is baffling about the talk is its battery life which is around five hours on a full charge, however you can’t generally expect substantially more on a speaker of this size you need something with a more extended battery life that is still quite conservative it got top of the line feeling material incredible water resistance  and this all makes it the one you will need consider.


The JBL Go 2 is assessed at $39.95 and offers pleasant sound quality close by water resistance. Regarding the sound quality, the JBL Go 2 is an ordinary performer considering its size and cost. Listen to it and you will see that the lower mid-run has been assisted with making up for the loss of bass frequencies. The mid-broaden is similarly strong, which is at least an, and we could hear talk clearly. The speaker gets sufficiently boisterous to fill a 150sq.ft room at higher volumes. The sound every so often slices when checking out several tracks at full volume. On the off chance that you tune in to a classification that centers on vocals or for watching motion pictures, you will be glad.

If you don’t set your wants unreasonably high, you will be content with the sound quality that the Go 2 passes on at the asking cost. In case you have to check out your tunes without the fear of the segments when outside, this could be a decent decision.

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