Microsoft Teams: Play Games while In a Meeting

Microsoft Teams: Play Games while In a Meeting

By Alex Balaniuc

Microsoft Teams is currently working on a pretty peculiar idea: giving users the possibility to play video games while using the videoconferencing service.

Want to know a bit more about it? Well then, let’s find out about the games to play during meetings that are coming to Microsoft Teams!

Playing video games amongst coworkers during a Microsoft Teams meeting

Picture this: you’re attending a work-related Teams meeting, but one of your coworkers is late, which means that you and the other meeting participants will have to wait around for a few minutes until everyone’s present. Instead of sitting on your hands in awkward silence, wouldn’t it be nice to play a simple silly game all together to kill some time?

What kind of games will be playable?

Microsoft must have thought of something similar. Thus, it seems like the company is working towards making this scenario a reality by adding casual games among its services. “Casual Games” refers to Microsoft’s own catalogue of video games that we all know and love, such as Solitaire, Minesweeper, Wordament, Hearts, Mahjong, and so on.

While we’re certainly not getting Forza Horizon on Teams, work colleagues could soon start challenging each other in Connect 4, Solitaire and Wordament, as a spokeperson related to Microsoft told The Verge.


Microsoft’s idea might seem bizzarre to some people, but in the end it’s just an innocent and fun little feature that can even turn out to be beneficial. Playing during a Teams session can release the stress that the online conferencing experience can sometimes provoke. Strengthening the bond between the meeting participants is another nice effect of this proposal.

When will the gaming feature be available on Teams?

The tech giant is currently testing out this brand-new feature, but we unfortunately don’t know when it will be available. As I mentioned, Microsoft’s signature Casual Games will be involved, but, who knows, if users will react to this implementation with enough enthusiasm, then maybe we could actually get to play Forza Horizon on Teams one day.


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