New features for sleeping with Google Pixel Watch

New features for sleeping with Google Pixel Watch

By dayannastefanny

Google Pixel Watch has become the new must-have device for fitness enthusiasts. It can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and provide accurate numbers, such as active minutes for zones during exercise. Google Pixel Watch users can track various activities such as steps, calories, sleep, and more with Fitbit. A natural extension of the Pixel family, Pixel Watch combines the intelligence and utility you know and love from Google. With the health and fitness expertise of Fitbit, all in a sleek design.

Currently, Fitbit’s sleep data is displayed after Pixel Watch has logged approximately 14 hours of sleep. According to Google, Pixel Watch analyzes 10 metrics, such as bedtime and sleep time, to establish a person’s sleep patterns. As shown in the images below, the Fitbit app provides a sleep time based on your sleep time based on any changes.

In addition, Fitbit allows people to compare their sleep data to the average for their age and gender. In the same blog post, Google explains that Fitbit has enabled this feature so that people can improve their sleep schedule as needed.


  • Designed with comfort and durability in mind, the Google Pixel Watch is sophisticated for a night out or a business meeting. It can withstand your activities and workouts, and it’s pleasant to sleep in. The eye-catching 3D circular domed glass blends seamlessly with the stainless steel of the body, giving it a slim look on the wrist.
  • It is water resistant (up to 5 ATM/50 meters) and long lasting so you can wear it all day and all night. Inspired by vintage watches, Touch Crown controls screen scrolling, accesses shortcuts, and opens the app drawer to give you important information. A button above the crown displays recent apps, so you can easily access your favorites.
  • 19 watch faces choosing from, each with tons of options to choose from, from colors to designs to highlights, providing thousands of options. You can set your favorite photos as your watch face with Google Photos.
  • The unique strap attachment mechanism, inspired by the way a camera lens attaches to a camera body, makes it easy to change straps to transform the overall look of the watch. Change your style with 20 available strap options and choose from a wide variety of classic or modern straps in woven, stretch, active, and leather styles with metal next spring.
  • Pixel Watch runs on Google Wear OS (Wear OS 3.5) and gives you all the information you need right away. This simplifies tasks and provides support when and where you need it. The interface is very fluid, responsive, and easy to use. With tiles and watch faces.

Problems encountered on the Google Pixel Watches

Sleep tracking

If you wear Google Pixel Watch to sleep on your wrist, it will detect when you go to sleep. The device measures sleep when your body is completely at rest and you haven’t moved for about an hour, and affected users say they’ve ensured that all conditions for sleep tracking are met. However, even in bedtime mode, your sleep is not recorded. Alternative solutions until new related developments emerge, there are some possible workarounds that could help you. First, a Google Gold product expert suggested manually syncing the Fitbit app every morning.

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