New generation AirPods are coming to the market

New generation AirPods are coming to the market

By dayannastefanny

Apple announced that the second generation of AirPods Pro will hit the market and offers improved features for greater convenience making them the most advanced.

When will the second generation AirPods Pro be available for purchase?

The cars will be available on the Apple Store app and to order online starting Friday, September 9, and will be in stores on September 23.

What are the new features?

  1. Innovative audio: Is integrated into a lightweight, compact body making for a unique and exceptional experience that cancels up to twice as much noise as a low-distortion audio control a custom amplifier also offers clear sound with a wider range of frequencies and audio is tailored to the ear including an extra-small ear stitch for more personal inclusion.
  2. Transparency mode: For users who are connected to be aware of the world around them through the act of transparency this reduces ambient noise such as sirens construction tools shouting fights.
  3. The precise sound: This is more personalized audio according to the size the shape of the head and ears and users will be able to create a spatial audio profile which will be able to enjoy movies music series reality shows TV shows with their smartphone.
  4. Convenient functions: This experience will be much more magical for users as they will be able to instantly pair with Apple devices and will have a new dedicated section of Albert the IOS settings which can more easily control and access more quickly to the functions of the Air pods, in this way will facilitate them to play media raise the volume without using another device also the touch control will be much lighter will be from top to bottom and also answer calls, in the case of not using the hands you could say “hey Siri”.

What improvements will they make in the new AirPods?

These are the improvements that open in the new AirPods pro extended battery life now offers 1.5 hours of listening time decisional compared to the first generation, will last up to 6 hours with active noise cancellation and in the case of using the other 4 additional charges you can enjoy up to 30 hours also when charging the these can be with a Qi-certified charging base the Lightning cable or a MagSafe charger.

The charging case will have a much newer sweat and water-resistant design including a lanyard the charging case will also have an integrated speaker to provide loud tones and be easier to locate.

Customers will also now be able to customize their charging cases to include my emoji to start recording and a list of stickers.

How much does an Airpods pro cost?

They are available for around $249 in over 50 countries.

The charging cases will cost around $169.

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