New releases coming to Disney+

New releases coming to Disney+

By dayannastefanny

Disney+ is one of the streaming platforms which belongs to The Walt Disney Company and offers movies, documentaries, shorts, series, and programs that were produced by Walt Disney and Pixar, today its content continues to grow, and these are some of the premieres of Disney+ Day 2022 and their transmission schedules:

  1. Pinocchio

This is an adaptation of the 1940’s live-action film and will be released this September from the looks of the trailer it looks like it will be one of the most promising films and will have a seemingly faithful reinvention in the form of the classic of the decade.

  1. Thor: love and thunder

In the Marvel studios movie where the god of thunder will face the assassin like Gorr the butcher of gods Itor will have the help of king Valkyrie, Korg, and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster.

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return

One of the most anticipated series for fans of the Star Wars saga, we will get a behind-the-scenes look at Master Kenobi and his exile from Tatooine.

  1. Cars on the Road

Pixar has created a series where a mate receives an invitation to the wedding of his sister and good friend Lightning, they will embark on a road trip across the country and meet many colorful characters, this series will have 9 episodes in the first season.

  1. The Simpsons: Welcome to The Club

After the inclusion of Disney Plus, The Simpsons will mix a new range of characters, including Lucky Goofy, many Star Wars characters, and princesses. In the case of Lisa, there will be some personality and attitude changes, but they will maintain the faithful structure of the character.

  1. Tierra Incognita

Seasonal television series of horror and mystery of teenagers from Argentina arrives on the Disney plus platform in September in this we can see conspiracies involving missing parents, an abandoned theme park, umbrella figures, and a thrilling journey creepy mind.

  1. Frozen Sing-A-Longs

Disney has always been known for its movies getting catchy tunes so now a sing-along version is being released so that fans can get up close and personal with the songs from the movies.

  1. Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory

National Geographic has partnered with Disney and offers access to incredible adventure documentaries and television programs with educational themes, such as jungle tombs and epic adventures.

A new collection of animal adventures will be coming for viewers, as well as documentaries of creatures in their habitat making users feel like they are in a wildlife show.

  1. Remembering

This is a short film of the story of a writer who seeks to struggle with his work problems in a creative way by distracting from a phone call he loses concentration and his attempt to recover the line of thought that came to him through his imagination, this is a journey influenced by inside out and will show us the subconscious of people.

  1. Growing Up

This is a documentary that shows us the life of teenagers in the modern era to meet the demand of culture and society this cast consists of many people from different walks of life and tell their stories and experiences in a bibliographic and creative way.

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