New updates of House Of the dragon and new houses

New updates of House Of the dragon and new houses

By dayannastefanny

House Of the dragon is one of the series that has had a great boom and has also managed to raise the spirits of the fans with only 3 episodes since its focus is on King’s landing and Targaryen house, its development comes a lot from the world of Game of Thrones, but it is in many questions like what are the original houses do it would be presented some of those houses in the game of thrones.

What are the houses of the game of thrones that appear in the house of the dragon?

The first is Stark and that cannot miss in this series as it is one of the most honest and loyal houses and these traits have remained in the family for centuries in the premiere episode is seen lord stark who is the guardian of the North which promises its alliance with Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen iron throne, and which appoints as the new heir.

As well as The Heirs of Thrones the Starks have the oldest lineage the best Eros also could be seen that the Starks were one of the few things that supported Rhaenys Lannister, better known as one of the heirs to the Iron Throne.

Lannister is best known as one of the cruelest and richest things in the franchise as you can witness when the great sept of bachelor was destroyed, and in this series, we could meet the Jackson Lannister who was the lord of casterly rock shield of Lannisport guardian of the west during the reign of Viserys

In episodes, we could see how uncomfortable it was when Jackson wanted to approach Rhaenyra and you are only rejected.

The third house is the Arryns who are the guardians of the East and who in this case play a very important role in the series after Game of Thrones the death of Jon Arryn accelerated the plot.

Finally, we have Baratheon by King Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones as it is one of the first lineages on the iron throne and as seen at the end of the first episode.

It is possible that during the remaining chapters more houses may continue to appear, whether new or new.

What are the new houses of the house of the dragon?

  1. The Hightowers: It is one of the most powerful noble houses in the Dominion. The sigil of House Hightower is a white stone watchtower, with a fire at the top. The Hightowers can legitimately be referred to as “of Hightower” or “of Oldtown”, it has some traits such as It is said that some Hightowers dabbled in alchemy and necromancy.
  2. The Velaryons: rule the island of Driftmark, the largest island of Blackwater, some of the traits that can acquire its members often have Valyrian features, such as silver hair, purple eyes, and pale skin, in the last two episodes show the growing bitterness in their relations with King Viserys.
  3. The Strongs: After watching the third episode, it is evident that Lord Lyonel Strong is the only one who wants to see the seven kingdoms together. Also, Lord Lyonel always advises the King with a straightforward approach instead of twisting and manipulating him.
  4. House Cole: It is one of the small houses, Criston Cole who in the first tournament defeated Daemon became the favorite warrior of Princess Rhaenyra.
  5. House Beesbury: Lord Lyman Beesbury is the master of coins in the court of Viserys.
  6. House Westerling: Ser Harrold Westerling protecting Princess Rhaenyra in the first episode during the tournament. In addition, we can expect to meet others in the coming episodes.
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