New updates of the new YOU season

New updates of the new YOU season

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What will the fourth season of YOU be like?

This whole series of questions seem to lead us to all kinds of speculation about the fourth season. The end of the third season stopped us. For season 4, which will be divided into two parts, Joe goes to the old continent with the intention of leaving everything behind. However, the biggest unknown is that you can change your lifestyle. Undoubtedly, new themes will enter this person’s life. This series, starring Penn Badgley, has become one of the most popular and popular series on Netflix, as well as the most controversial.

In the beginning, YOU taught us the difference between love and bullying with the character of Joe Goldberg, a guy who thinks he’s a troubled person but is a bloodthirsty twist. We will hear it in parts and seasons in a three-year tour that has managed to prepare and captivate audiences. One of the best suspense series, loaded with surprises and narrative twists, the series shows no signs of running out of steam and is already filming its fourth season, which will feature international settings and other new features.

Season 4: Casting

When we think about the events of the last season 3 of YOU, something tells us that his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) will not be returning to the series. As for the show and its sound, maybe there will be Pre-Love and post-Love because I don’t know how much of a repeat.

Sera Gamble, the showrunner of the series, also posted an image of Penn Badgley. She has also talked about You season 4. ‘Upon reading Caroline’s novel, Greg and I became instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted view of the world.’

The only thing that worries us, and barring a miracle, we won’t see Love (Victoria Pedretti), since Joe killed her in the third episode. On the other hand, fans of the series also believe that Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from season 2 may return for this fourth season. It is believed that Joe and Ellie will meet in Paris.

Who might we see again Tati Gabriel as Marienne, Joe’s next thought?

Of course. Plus, we saw her trip to Paris, which is where the main character is headed this year. As a stellar new addition, we have Lucas Gage (Euphoria) as Adam, Joe’s new nemesis. Netflix says: “Gage plays Adam, the friendly, happy-go-lucky, rambunctious son of a wealthy family, who gets a bad reputation for not living up to expectations. But one thing he learned from his parents is to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.” Season 4 of You will feature Charlotte Richie (Ghosts) as Kate, the cold and calculating gallery director who is suspicious of Joe from the first meeting. However, she is likely to eventually fall into his web, as we see in this image from the Paris shootout.

As for the rest, we look forward to seeing what happened to young Joe, his birth mother, and the woman he befriended while she was his guardian. Also, get ready for a new batch of impossible characters.

Possible premiere date?

After the third episode, the first dates for the fourth season of the series “YOU” were finally announced. Netflix announced that the first episode of the fourth season will premiere on March 9, 2023, and the second on March 9 of the same year.

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