New ways to turn off a Samsung

New ways to turn off a Samsung

By dayannastefanny

How to turn off your Samsung Galaxy?

It never hurts to turn off our phone from time to time, especially to improve its performance when it restarts, although this is not very common in today’s phones. However, on Samsung Galaxy smartphones we see that there are different ways to do it.

Also, it will not be of much use to improve its performance when it is received, but we will also know how to do other existing forms if something is not working well. So, we will give you different methods that you can use if the physical buttons, and the touchpad does not work … So be careful.

Pushing buttons

Another method that will serve us in most cases, since it won’t do us any good if the physical buttons don’t work, is to tap the combination of keys on our Samsung phone. This option will be useful to you if you have one of the latest models of the Korean company, in which pressing the old power button will take us directly to the Bixby assistant.

Therefore, we will have to use a new key combination to turn off the phone. On the Samsung Galaxy we will have to hold down the side button and the volume down button at the same time for a few seconds. At this point, the power menu should appear on the smartphone screen. Now you just need to press the “Power off” button but, if your smartphone is frozen, we will have to use different key combinations. Because of this, we will be able to force restart the phone. To do this, we just need to press and hold the volume up button and the power button of the terminal. If this takes us to the recovery menu, we will have to play with the volume keys to navigate to the Reset option. And finally, we must accept this option by pressing the power button.

With the Function Button

The arrival of Bixby has changed the way we use Samsung mobile devices in many ways. So much so that a Korean company has decided to bring back the type of key we use to unlock our phones. Although fortunately, it can be changed so that instead of calling your voice assistant, it takes us directly to the erase menu and to change, we can access the settings by sliding the quick access line on the phone or going directly to “Settings”. Then we need to find the “Additional Features” section and enter it. At this point, we need to find a section called Feature button.

This presents two options: Double-tap and press. This time, we will like the close list, as we see in the image above. Therefore, we should choose this method. From now on, whenever we touch the power key, the lock menu will be displayed directly on the phone screen. So, now we can press the right button “Delete”.

From the quick panel

You may not have noticed at first, but we will not only have at our disposal to restart the mobile with the help of these keys, so if at some point you stop working, either by a blow or because you have dropped the physical button because of use, you will always have at your fingertips this method. In addition to the fact that it is one of the fastest that we will find in Samsung phones to carry it out the steps will be simple, since we will only have to deploy the quick settings panel of the smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer. To do this, we will have to slide it with two fingers down from the top of the terminal screen then, we will have to click on the Turn off icon that will appear at the top right next to the icons of the magnifying glass, the gear of the settings and the three dots. Finally, we must choose between “Disable” or “Reset” in the menu that will be displayed on the phone.

With the assistance menu

One of the ones that we usually give up on is accessibility because we think that aria adds different functionalities that will not help us at all. However, today we will look at one that gives us a threshold to various aspects of our Samsung removable without us having to dwell resorting to physical keys or Bixby and best of all, boosting the so-called Help Menu will be positively simple.

  1. First, it will be required to conserve to Settings.
  2. Accessibility.
  3. Interaction & Dexterity.
  4. Tap on the python that appears at the occupation of Distress Menu. As soon as we threaten the python saying, a new one will appear asking us if we positively want to activate it, as this accessibility ladder could evolve some settings or dull the way we interact with the phone.


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