Now You Can Check Your Threads Profile in Mastodon

Now You Can Check Your Threads Profile in Mastodon

By auroraoddi

Threads Profile

Meta has implemented the ability to verify links to your Threads profile on social media platforms like Mastodon, according to a post by Instagram lead Adam Mosseri. However, it’s critical to clarify that this option does not guarantee getting the blue verification badge next to your name on Threads for free; a payment to Meta will likely be required to get the badge.

Instead, this recent feature helps you demonstrate on other platforms that the Threads profile you link to is owned by you. In addition, this implementation has a deeper reach: it represents a genuine Meta Threads functionality that links to decentralized social networks.

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New upgrade

Within a thread about various new features introduced on Wednesday, Mosseri revealed this enhancement.

“We have incorporated Threads support for rel=me links, with the purpose of facilitating identity verification on platforms such as Mastodon,”

Mosseri communicated.

“This way, you have the option to include your Threads profile link on supported platforms to authenticate your identity.”

There is a simple way to get a Mastodon account to display a checkmark for a Threads profile:

  • In the Threads profile, change the highlighted link to be the URL of the Mastodon profile.
  • In the Mastodon profile, change one of the highlighted links to be the URL of the Threads profile.
  • Save the changes to both sites.

Initially, there were doubts about Mosseri’s claim about Meta’s future integration of Threads with the decentralized ActivityPub protocol. However, now that the company has implemented this verification feature that operates on non-Threads platforms, the possibility that we may at some point witness ActivityPub support in Threads is beginning to be considered.


Meta’s recent implementation of the ability to verify links to Threads profiles on social media platforms like Mastodon is a significant step towards enhancing user identity authentication and interoperability between different platforms. While this feature does not guarantee a free blue verification badge on Threads, it provides users with a means to demonstrate the ownership of their Threads profiles on external platforms, bolstering online identity verification.

Moreover, the inclusion of support for rel=me links suggests that Meta is taking steps towards bridging the gap between Threads and decentralized social networks like Mastodon, hinting at the potential future integration of Threads with the ActivityPub protocol. This development opens up exciting possibilities for a more interconnected and decentralized social media landscape.

In essence, Meta’s latest enhancements to Threads signify a move towards greater user control and authentication while also hinting at the company’s willingness to explore integration with emerging decentralized technologies, shaping the future of social networking.

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