Nvidia Launches New Cloud Services and Partnerships to Train Generative AI

Nvidia Launches New Cloud Services and Partnerships to Train Generative AI

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Nvidia has unveiled its AI cloud services for organizations. Services designed to enable them to produce and run AI models using their own data. The GPU manufacturer’s new AI Foundations service includes Nivida Picasso, which covers image, video and 3D, and language-oriented Nvidia NeMo. Organizations have the ability to use these tools to generate AI models specific to their brand.

The new agreement with AI

Applications integrate buyer attention and content construction. The company’s write-to-asset service has attracted the attention of two global creative content giants: Adobe and Shutterstock. A pioneering participation in its category. Nvidia and Adobe will collaborate on the development of an entirely new generation of advanced generative AI models to “continue creative workflows.” With a focus on content building and marketing creations.

The agreement comes after the launch of Adobe Firefly, the company’s AI-powered art generator, which will compete with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Some of the new templates will be integrated into Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. While others will be accessible through the Picasso cloud service to encourage third-party development.

What about Nvidia

In this regard, Scott Belsky, Chief Tactical Officer at Adobe, said:

“Generative AI can offer our consumers more creative possibilities, speed up their work and help scale content production.”

In this regard, Greg Estes, vice president of Corporate Marketing and Developer Programs at Nvidia, said:

“We will be able to bring the transformative capabilities of generative AI to organizations to help them explore more ideas to efficiently generate and scale. creative content and amazing digital experiences.”

For its part, Shutterstock, a documentary photography site, has unveiled a pioneering initiative to incorporate 3D modeling from writing to image, using Nvidia Picasso to practice and create assets. Generative AI will be launched in Creative Flow, the company’s lightweight graphic design program, and 3D TurboSquid assets will be created instead. However, content creators eager to speed up the modeling process will have to wait. In fact, no release date has been given, although Shutterstock claims that models will be introduced “in the coming months.” Generative artificial intelligence could take over at these times. However, it is the feature of running the models using their own data that should make the heads of organizations prick up their ears.

This technique will not only accelerate the construction of brand-consistent content. It also means that as long as they have creator’s rights, they will be able to avoid many of the controversies and legal disputes that have so far dogged platforms that generate artificial intelligence. Extending the Omniverse ecosystem optimizes the way developers and experts invent, design, and deploy huge virtual universes, AI-powered digital humans, and 3D assets.

Its latest additions include: New Omniverse Connectors

To enhance connected workflows, new Omniverse connectors for the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Siemens Integrated Teamcenter, Siemens NX and Siemens Process Simulate, Blender, Cesium, Rockwell Automation’s Emulate3D, Unity and Vectorworks are now accessible and connect many more advanced applications through the World Scene Description (USD) framework.

Digital Twin connectors from Omniverse Azure,, FlexSim and NavVis will soon be available. More than 1,000 new SimReady resources enable simplified industrial AI and 3D workflows. KUKA, a leading distributor of intelligent automation solutions, is collaborating with NVIDIA and considering adoption of the new SimReady specifications to make consumer simulation easier than ever.

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