Online reputation management according to Cyber ​​Lex lawyers

Online reputation management according to Cyber ​​Lex lawyers

By carolc

We contacted those responsible for the Cyber ​​Lex legal area, attorneys Angelica Parente and Domenico Bianculli, to learn more about the dynamics of web reputation in search engines at the time of the right to be forgotten.

Cyber ​​Lex is a service company born in Rome in 2016 and today active throughout the European territory. It is mainly about online reputation management and the right to be forgotten, or the cancellation of confidential, obsolete and inappropriate information from the Internet by individuals and companies. For example, you can use Cyber ​​Lex to remove unwanted news from Google search results and remove links to web pages that you do not want to appear when you type your full name, or your company name in the search. Among the founders of this reality are the lawyers Angelica Parente and Domenico Bianculli, both of the Rome Bar Association and owners of the homonymous law firm Parente Bianculli & Associati. We had the pleasure of interviewing them to learn more about the services offered in the field of web reputation and to offer us an interesting study on the right to be forgotten. Keep reading!

Lawyers, thank you for your availability! We have read on the Internet that the services offered by Cyber ​​Lex are provided by an IT and legal team. Can you better explain how these two professions can cooperate?

When we want to remove a web page from a Google search result (lawyer Domenico Bianculli responds) we must send a legal request to Google. To do this, we use a removal tool that Google itself makes available to webmasters. This tool requires technical skills to provide all the useful information to identify web pages and the reasons why they should be removed from search results lists. Once the request has been submitted, a Google team will provide us with a response in which we will read whether the web pages have been removed or whether Google has decided not to accept the request and, in the latter case, for what reason.

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What happens when Google decides not to delete search results?

In that case (responds the lawyer Angelica Parente) we can submit the matter to the Data Protection Authority through the complaint procedure in accordance with article 77 of the EU Regulation / 679/2016, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only an Authority can establish the right to be forgotten about personal information in search engines. In fact, making a web page disappear from the Internet is a complex operation that requires a specific assessment for each case and must, on each occasion, decide the balance between the right to be forgotten and the right to be informed.

So the right to be forgotten exists but it is not guaranteed, right?

That’s right (answers the lawyer Domenico Bianculli), despite the fact that many companies offer guarantees on the right to be forgotten, my advice is to distrust those who promise a result that can only be granted by an Authority. You can still get a boost to your reputation even without the right to be forgotten.

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Explain us better about this lawyer

In search engines (continues lawyer Domenico Bianculli) it is possible to hide unwanted information through Online Reputation Management (ORM) projects, these projects, in fact, optimize the search results associated with the name of a person or company, which makes unwanted web pages less visible. To carry out these projects it is necessary to mix computer, legal and communication skills in search engines. There are many tools, the Cyber ​​Lex team, for example, uses webmaster tools and website optimization software.

Who turns to Cyber ​​Lex?

Our company (explains the lawyer Angelica Parente) is aimed primarily at colleagues who need help in submitting the request for cancellation of web pages on behalf of their clients. We offer law firms a reserved area through which you can manage the request and control the status of the cancellation. Entrepreneurs and freelancers turn to us directly, thanks to word of mouth or advertising, to solve their reputation problems in search engines. We offer a consultative approach, we analyze, first, the status of the search indexes associated with the name of the interested party, then we build an Online Reputation Management project calibrating the legal action with IT based on the type of information that is desired remove.

We thank attorneys Angelica Parente and Domenico Bianculli! You can contact them through the references you find on the sites: