Play chess online with computer 3D

Play chess online with computer 3D

By carolc

Chess is a game that takes place on a board and confronts two players against each other. Each player has sixteen pieces that can be moved on the board, which is divided into sixty-four squares that alternate in two colors, known as squares. These pieces are a king, a queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. The objective is to overthrow the opponent’s king, for which it is possible to capture the various pieces of the opponent, advancing along the board as defined in the rules of the game.

The game ends when a player succeeds in making the opponent’s king unable to evade a definitive capture movement, which is called jaque mate.

Benefits of playing Chess

Among the most outstanding benefits of Chess are:

  • Stimulation of concentration and analysis capacity, by focusing on thechessboard and abstracting from all other things.
  • It contributes to the development of creativity by stimulating both brain hemispheres.
  • It improves the state of the mind.
  • It trains the visual, spatial and associative memory, helping to prevent and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.
  • It helps to increase the reading capacity.

Chess, being a positive recreational activity is entertaining, and because not everyone has a chessboard at home, technology has made it possible for many people to play it even at a distance, online and for free, through numerous platforms available on the web.

Play Chess online with a computer

Since Chess was born, it has been played facing 2 people, but technology has allowed that, in the last few years, computer programs to play this game have emerged. In this way, a person can play against another person online, against a computer, or even two computer systems can play against each other.

To play online this fun mental game with computer, can be done for free from browsers on the web, where in addition to the classic 2D scheme, there is the 3D version with which you can use a board that can rotate, change the view, and with models of pieces with a very refined level of detail, allowing you to have an experience that makes you feel like you’re playing on a real chessboard.

Depending on the platform through which you play chess, you can find from 3 to 7 levels of difficulty to suit your best skills as a player, and also set up different views of the chessboard and pieces to change some details like colors.

Platforms to play 3D chess online

There are many platforms available on the web, and here we will name some of the most used to play online Chess in 3D without downloading any program on your computer:

  • Boardgameson

Whether you are an experienced player, a novice, or just wanting to get into the game of Chess, in these web browsers you can find a level that suits your knowledge and even tutorials to learn the rules and moves and thus improve your understanding and development during a game, as it is a game where chance does not intervene, but depends entirely on the moves you make as a player.

Chess in its 3D version, being available online, will allow you to interact remotely with other people of any nationality or age, thus being entertaining for all those who must be at home and need an activity that amuses them and also helps to exercise the brain and distract the mind when facing difficult situations such as those we are currently living in pandemic.

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