Playstation has a new console: the first image

Playstation has a new console: the first image

We are getting increasingly close to the PlayStation 5 show and the insider facts encompassing the control center begin to be less. The plan of the following Sony console has produced a ton of conversations, however that may now reach a conclusion.

In the SlashLeaks vault, you can find a brief video that might have at long last uncovered the plan of the PS5. It very well may be one of the most recent models since we can see the method involved with beginning the control center.

There is areas of strength for a that this is actually Sony’s new control center. This is on the grounds that the item seen here has a plan in accordance with past ages.

The picture doesn’t have a decent quality, such countless subtleties are not observable. In any case, we can see that the PS5 will have a rectangular plan in accordance with what we are utilized to.

It’s a good idea for Sony to send off a PlayStation 5 with this plan. Since that way it will be effectively connected with its famous control center. In the event that the Japanese organization settled on a bolder plan, it very well may be challenging for purchasers to connect that control center with the PlayStation heritage.


Sony has an occasion planned for February 29, however its substance isn’t yet known. This could be the second picked by the Japanese to acquaint the world with the PlayStation 5.

Despite the fact that its appearance available is guaranteed exclusively towards the finish of this current year, its divulgence could occur soon. A similar system was utilized with PlayStation 4. It was uncovered in February 2013, hitting stores in November of that very year.

The new control center from Sony will have furious rivalry from the Xbox Series X, which will likewise raise a ruckus around town in late 2020. On account of the Microsoft console, we as of now have a thought of its plan and power. Also, it is not yet clear when it will be made authority.

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