PlayStation Indies: announcements for 7 incredible indie games

PlayStation Indies: announcements for 7 incredible indie games

By IsraeliPanda

Sony uncovers new data around 7 forthcoming independent games in its PlayStation Indies feature.

Sony starts the year 2022 under the crystal of deliveries. After the State of Play committed to Gran Turismo 7 and the arrival of the hotly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West in only a couple of days, the firm offers us today to return to 7 independent games to come on PlayStation. Look at every one of the declarations made by Sony beneath!


As a matter of first importance, Billy Basso presents his new game, soon accessible on PS5. It is an “endurance ghastliness in pixel-craftsmanship”. The objective of the game is for the most part to investigate the world utilizing a few exceptionally helpful abilities and items, for example, a yoyo or a frisbee. The title doesn’t yet have a delivery date.

Young Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Declared for quite a long time as of now, the new pixelated game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uncovers one of its characters uninvolved of its delivery, which we trust is inevitable. This is Master Splinter, an interactivity review of which should be visible above.

Post Void

Most certainly it is the design of noticeable pixels. Post Void is a round of something else entirely, essentially as far as ongoing interaction, since it is an especially vivacious shooter. Its brilliant tones and wild-eyed speed can be to the point of losing evening experienced players. See you in spring 2022 for the arrival of the game on PS4 and PS5.

Salt and Sacrifice

Still in another register, and this time one more visual style, Devoured Studios uncovers the curiosities of the PvP method of Salt and Sacrifice. It will be delivered on PS4 and PS5 on May 10.

Hello Neighbor 2

Profoundly expected by the gaming local area, Hello Neighbor 2 gives its news, and offers a PlayStation rendition notwithstanding an Xbox and PC adaptation. Notwithstanding, the title actually has no delivery date except for it ought to be accessible “soon”.

Greenery: Book I

At long last, the game engineers Moss: Book I uncover some improvement mysteries to us while the VR game doesn’t yet have a delivery date. It is all things considered expected for the spring of 2022. To figure out additional about the universe of Quill, go to this page.

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