Popular University of Milan, a look at the online teaching materials

Popular University of Milan, a look at the online teaching materials

By germana

In collaboration with the Popular University of Milan team, we visited the online library of the three-year course in Communication Sciences and the advanced training course “Communicate with Charisma.”

The Popular University of Milan is an International Telematic University dedicated to highly successful professionals who wish to strengthen or resume their academic career. Although exempted, the University recognizes access to its degree and advanced training courses by optionally following the criteria dictated by the MIUR, also in accordance with the new law on initial training of university students (recently commented on in this article on Adnkronos). The University allows students to attend courses with a PC, tablet or smartphone and take exams online from anywhere in the world, thanks to the reserved area of the website and the iOS and Android applications developed using the Kajabi digital library. Enrollments for this telematic University are always open – practically, you can enroll at any time of the year and there are no entrance tests.

Three-year course in Communication Sciences and advanced training course “Communicate with Charisma”

In collaboration with the University team, we visited the reserved area of the website and had a closer look at the digital products reserved for students of the three-year course in Communication Sciences and the advanced training course “Communicate with Charisma”. The latter is organized into 3 modules (Secret Language of the Body, Psychology of Charisma, Effective Communication), each of which is divided into 4 lessons supported by Prof. Golia Pezzulla, for a total of 12 lessons of about 1 hour each. It is interesting to be able to interact, via email or social media, with the Professor of the course, and participate in a discussion with other students through a “wall” of comments posted at the end of each lesson.

The three-year degree course in Communication Sciences, on the other hand, includes 19 subjects (Methodology, Effective Learning, Leadership, Political Economy, Sociology of Communication, Contemporary History, Digital Communication, Management, Marketing, Principles of Sociology, Organizational Management, International Marketing, Corporate Communication, Foundations of Financial Markets, Economic Geography, Principles and Techniques of Advertising, Psychology of Decision Making Processes, English Language, Theory and Technique of Mass Communication, Philosophies). At the end of the course, 180 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System, the European system for the recognition and transfer of university credits) are accredited.

How to navigate the student reserved area

The student can access the online course by logging into the platform published on the website Inside, they will see 2 main sections:

Study Plan: contains an overview of the list of studies and the list of subjects studied in each of the 3 years of the course up to the final thesis. The recognized ECTS credits for each subject are specified.

Materials: contains the materials (in .PDF format) assigned to each course of study, with information on the bibliography and the texts adopted for the study of the subjects. In this area, it is also possible to take a self-assessment test to verify the student’s level of preparation before taking the exam, which is held in written form and is based on a questionnaire. The test focuses on the content of the exam texts and the materials provided on the website of the Popular University of Milan.

SCREEN 1: Select the course you have registered for

SCREEN 2: Visit the course introduction (in the following screen: introduction to the advanced training course “Communicate with Charisma”)

SCREEN 3: Access the online course, navigating through the lessons that you can select through the “labels” reachable at the top of the page:

SCREEN 4: In the reserved area of the three-year course in Communication Sciences, instead, you will find the course materials along with the bibliography and the self-assessment test:

The educational offer of the Popular University of Milan

The educational offer made available by the Popular University of Milan can be consulted through the following link and offers a wide and rich catalog, structured as follows:

Three-year degree courses: Political Science; Environmental and Territorial Civil Engineering; Communication Sciences; Economics and Law; Sociology; Criminology and Investigative Sciences; Counseling Sciences; Holistic Sciences; Sports Sciences and Activities; Health Coaching with a psychological approach.

Master’s degree courses: Environmental Engineering; Political Science – Humanistic Track; Communication Sciences – Marketing and Finance Track; Criminology; Criminology and Investigative Sciences applied to Cultural Heritage and Antiquities; Sociology – Psychological Track; Economics and Law for businesses and public administrations;

Integrated degree courses and PhDs: International Law and PhD Research;

Advanced training courses: currently, the “Communicate with Charisma” course is active, which we talked about in this article.

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