Ring Car Cam: Everything you should know

Ring Car Cam: Everything you should know

By Valentina Tuta

Some time ago we talked about the big CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and discussed some of the most important computer news for this year. And well, continuing with the notes on technology, a new gadget has joined the list and in this note we will tell you more about the newest dashboard cameras. Here we go!

What is the Ring Car Cam?

First, it is important to provide some context. Thus, let’s learn more about the Ring Car Cam. This device is Amazon’s take on the dash cam as an extension of the company’s home cameras and surveillance devices. 

Basically, it’s a dual-channel (dual-facing front and interior) dash cam system built to monitor what’s happening inside and outside your vehicle. Moreover, it comes with some of the Ring features you’d find in their home security cameras. If you want to take a look at this, you can check out the official teaser here.

Ring Car Cam as a Dash Cam: Image Quality

Now, it’s time to talk about its features. First of all, the Car Cam is equipped with two 1080p Full HD cameras to capture the action inside your car and out in front and inside the car and if that is not enough, you have to know that this gadget includes night vision. 

On the other hand, Ring claims that the Car Cam can get detailed Full HD footage from dim parking garages to nights in the driveway if anyone tries anything under darkness. While it could be a good deal if Ring used a good base, such as the Sony STARVIS or Omnivision sensors, based on the size of the unit, it appears that it is not one of the larger sensors available (which reminds us of the Owl Cam) expensive price tag but subpar video quality. 

Lastly, this camera comes with a physical shutter that you can manually flip to cover the interior camera and microphone.

Traffic Stop and Other Ring Car Cam Recording Modes

Okay, so far we have stated that this device is more like a regular dashboard camera. Nevertheless, it is more accurate to call it a car backup camera because it offers some recording modes that cover that purpose.

  • Voice-controlled “Traffic Stop” recording: To use it, all you have to say is “Alexa record,” and the camera will record for up to 20 minutes, even if you are parked with the car turned off. This feature is designed to help you capture crucial moments, like an accident and car-side conversations with law enforcement.
  • Continuous recording: It works like a regular dash cam.
  • Parking protection mode: This will enable the recordings by motion and impact. For instance, if someone breaks into your car, the Ring app gives you a motion alert and connects you to your Car Cam. You can then see and talk to the persons inside your car like you would with the Ring DoorBell.

What You Get from the Ring Protect Go Service

Finally, we want to tell you about the features you could purchase with an optional Ring Protect Go service for $6/month. To give you an example, the service will include features like real-time alerts, live view, cloud storage, LTE connectivity, and more. Furthermore, you can see what your Car Cam sees and speak to anyone inside the vehicle from anywhere when your car is away from home.

  • Live View

With Car Cam, you can check in on your car and get real-time video and audio with the Live View button. You can see live video when your car is away from your home Wi-Fi.

  • GPS Location

With its GPS feature, users can see the car’s location to confirm it’s safe whenever it’s parked – whether at home or in the parking lot.



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