Some SEO and SEA ecommerce tips

Some SEO and SEA ecommerce tips

By Valentina Tuta

Some SEO and SEA ecommerce tips that will undoubtedly help you improve your company’s visibility in any search engine However, let’s start by knowing what these acronyms mean and which benefits they have for online commerce sites. 

First of all, SEO is the Search Engine Optimization tool, whose objective is to improve your website’s visibility and higher classification on internet queries. On the other hand, SEA is the acronym for Search Engine Advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing), a pay-marketing mechanism that differs from typical advertising where advertisers don’t pay until a consumer clicks on their paid list. Then, let’s see a little more of them.

SEO Strategies

This strategy is related to the location algorithms comprehension in search engines (SE). Therefore, in order to increase your classification, you need to adjust each variable on your page. To do so, go to the settings made on your web site (SEO on-page). They are usually divided into three categories.

  1. Content (keywords, SEO redaction, demonstrating authority and expertise, and displaying visual content).
  2. Website architecture (loading speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, internal, inbound and outbound links).
  3. HTML (title tags, meta description, image optimization, geotagging).

Thus, these factors will significantly influence your overall rating if they are not carefully addressed. For example, it is important that when you designate a title for a product page, do so bearing in mind that it must be clear and concise, including relevant keywords to tell the search engine what the page is about. Remember that the use of these terms, along with those related to the product audiovisual aids you want to advertise, will improve the website classification.

Now, the site architecture involves maintaining your virtual store free of clunky codes that hinder the user’s view when visiting your page from any of their electronic devices, ensuring it works from smartphones, and including keywords in the URL. Another aspect that qualifies Google are the incoming links, because this is what guarantees whether your platform is trustworthy or not. Finally, keep in mind that your e-commerce store has to have a high-quality blog that can be used to generate links through social networks, guest posts, mailings, and infographics.

SEA Strategies

Also known as PPC or Pay-per-Click Advertising, it is the process of advertising directly on search engines such as Google and Bing. Thus, SEA works with web pages that pay to appear in specific internet queries. For example, if the objective of your business is to attract more traffic to its “10 most acclaimed movies for 2022″, you can pay Google to present this article in the upper part of their searches each time someone looks for “most acclaimed movies for 2022” or similar keywords.

This tool only costs money to marketers if someone clicks on the corresponding ads, which makes it a cost-effective strategy. So, to optimize your expenses, you can use regular funds or a net account to pay for your campaigns. To continue, we will tell you which are the best practices for SEA:

  1. Focus on conversions and not on the number of clicks: Set up a marketing funnel and use it to motivate customers to act at different stages of the funnel.
  2. Pay attention to long-intent keywords: they are usually cheaper and are used by consumers who are already in the buying mood.
  3. Segment your target audience and customize your ads accordingly.
  4. Make sure your landing page aligns with the ad message.
  5. Create a separate landing page for each ad to ensure a relevant post-click experience.
  6. Keep your landing page design focused on conversion.
  7. Constantly test and optimize.

In short.. 

As we have seen, search engines can completely alter the traffic of your online business. For that reason, get the most out of the strategies we have presented to you previously to attract the right people to your store.

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