Streaming platforms that suit you

Streaming platforms that suit you

By dayannastefanny

Choose the streaming platform according to your tastes

  1. Disney+

This new wrestling streaming platform stands out mainly for its great content that appeals to younger children. This platform features Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic franchises. It is the one that allows you to create the best profiles and is intelligently priced.

Disney+ offers a veritable avalanche of content specifically for kids and teens, since, in addition to its classics and owning Pixar, it also owns Marvel and its movies and series. And, as if this were not enough, it also has the Starz channel, with adult content. So everyone can nibble and be happy.

  1. Netflix

One of the leading streaming platforms in the market, it stands at the forefront of a large number of its products that it has created in recent years. It allows multiple user files, making it ideal for sharing, and includes some movies in Spanish.

Netflix lacks interesting and quality content, but one of the strengths of this platform is the variety of content: from anime to true crime documentaries to various reality shows to Bollywood movies to viral hits to home productions. If you want to be able to eat a thousand different kinds, this is your platform.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is also trying to be strong in the video-on-demand platform segment, and although so far it does not have successful products like Netflix or HBO, it is investing heavily in the future of content. Its main incentive is that its subscription is the same as all Amazon Prime subscriptions, so for the same price, you have many advantages in Amazon’s online store.

You have a tight budget and want to have a good selection of movies (better than seen, just look for some) and series, plus other things like online shopping without shipping, music, and free streaming video. games every month. Undoubtedly, if you want to have all this at a low annual price, the platform that works best for you is Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Movistar+ Lite

The last source to jump the circle is also one of the perfect lines in terms of content. Its application is not yet as polished as the others, but in addition to series and movies also offers TV programming on its main channels without the need to have anything else contracted with Movistar.

  1. Filmin

With the previous major platforms competing for Hollywood blockbusters and renowned series, Filmin bets mainly on auteur and European cinema. It bases part of its content on rentable productions and films participating in film competitions.

Filmin has a huge catalog of auteur and independent films and every week has exclusive and unreleased premieres in our country. The ideal platform to have the best film festival at home. In addition, it has recently expanded its sights to the world of series, prioritizing European productions.

  1. Apple TV+

Apple has also brought to Spain its proposal to become an important player within the sector and makes a lot of strength based on exclusive content that you cannot see anywhere else.

  1. Rakuten T

This is a very interesting two-in-one. On the other hand, you have Rakuten TV. This service has movies you can rent and buy and a list of free content.

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