Tesla: different prices for Model S and Model X in US

Tesla: different prices for Model S and Model X in US

By Alessia Hernandez

According to the company’s website, first reported by Bloomberg, Tesla has limited the price of its Model S sedan and SUV Model X in the United States. This is the second time Tesla has limited costs this year and could be an attempt to boost sales by the end of the quarter.

The all-wheel drive Model S is now available for $89,990. That’s 5.2% off from $94,990, or about $5,000. The Model S Plaid is currently at $109,990, down 4.3% from $114,990.

Model X

The Model X four-wheel drive costs $99,990, a 9.1% less than $109,990 to $10,000. Plaid is currently at $109,990, down 8.3% from $119,990.

The latest cost cuts come after Tesla cut costs in the first month of the year and are at least the fifth time the automaker cuts vehicle prices in recent months. On Tesla Investor’s Day at the Tesla factory in Austin last week, CEO Elon Musk and other leaders discussed the value of lean buildings and lower prices.

“People’s desire for a Tesla is very high,” Musk said. “The limiting factor is being able to pay for a Tesla”.

Tesla models 3 and Y will remain available for a $7,500 U.S. federal tax credit that will last the entire month.


All that Elon Musk and management shared (and omitted) in Tesla Investor Day

The big, big message that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other executives tried to convey through the four-hour Tesla Investor’s Day will drive the company’s universal shift away from fuels, fossil fuels and renewable energies. Investors, at least these assets after the market closes, are missing out on that great product announcement, specific details about the next steps in their so-called Master Project 3, or Musk’s “one more thing” feature line. Probably didn’t impress me with that. “.

An important part of the event was more a history lesson than a prediction of the future business, but the nuance was clearly that all roads lead to the future. Was devoted to operational efficiency and price minimization efforts at all levels of the organization. (which is usually what attracts investors).



Perhaps the most interesting part is the one that wasn’t mentioned. Musk and an unusually long list of department heads share new details about Tesla’s next-generation electric transport and its next factory in Mexico, or fully autonomous driving that is currently not available for those who choose to buy $15,thousand. address recent problems with the program.

In this way, there were several news and event ideas. Here is a summary that highlights the relevant elements.

As Tesla Investor Day approaches, shareholders and enthusiasts flock to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas in the Austin area and watch live streams on YouTube and Twitter to hear exactly what CEO Elon Musk has to say planned For the future.

Tesla Investor’s Day is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. Historically, that doesn’t mean that the mask will finally appear on time. ¡ But you never know!

Earlier this year, Musk tweeted that on the company’s Investor’s Day at the company’s Gigafactory Texas, he would announce the highly desired and often ridiculed Master Project 3. According to the organization, attendees in person will be able to view the production line and discuss issues such as the company’s long-term expansion plans, third generation platforms and capital allocation with management.